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Shaving my head for two charities!

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I want to raise funds for Mary Potter Hospice and the new Wellington Children's Hospital. On the 23rd of November, I will shave my head!

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Mary Potter Hospice and the new Wellington Children's Hospital are organisations that mean a lot to me. For the special work they do, I want to help them raise funds. The Givealittle page will close on my birthday - the 22nd of November. On the 23rd of November...I will shave all of my hair off!

Why Mary Potter Hospice?

I chose Mary Potter Hospice because of the care they gave my grandmother. My journey with them began in January 2018. My grandmother who had heart complications, went into the care of Mary Potter Hospice inpatient unit in Newtown. 

Prior to her going in, I didn't know much about Mary Potter Hospice. To be honest, I was a little reluctant with her going there. As I accompanied her through the sliding double doors, we were greeted by the warm and welcoming staff. Every doubt I had, went away.

During her final 10 days at the inpatient unit, she was treated with the upmost care by the doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, therapists and the volunteers that served her meals and refreshments. Nothing was a big ask there. I clearly remember when her appetite was diminishing, she had craving for sliced didn't matter what time it was, she got it. 

My grandmother also had cats during her life, to see the smile on her face when she got a visit from kittens brought in by volunteers at the inpatient unit, was priceless. Till this very day, I can still picture her with them, something I will never forget.

In the Mary Potter Hospice logo, you will see the words "With You". With you is exactly how they were with her. Not just with my grandmother, but also to my grandfather and family in her final days, and after when we grieved for her, going nothing but above and beyond. That's why I want to go above and beyond for them, by shaving my head to raise funds.

Thank you to everyone that looked after her in her final days. My grandmother was a special lady in our family, to see her treated with respect and love, means more to me than you can ever imagine.

A little more about the brilliant work that Mary Potter Hospice do. They are an organisation that provides holistic palliative care for patients and their families in Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti. The support is provided to patients in their own home or at the inpatient unit in Newtown. The care for the patient, consists of pain management and to help ease their suffering. They also acknowledge the cultural, spiritual, social, physical aspects of the patient. All of this is no cost to the patient or family. 

Every year, Mary Potter Hospice needs to raise $7 million to keep the services free of charge. Because of Covid-19, funds have had an impact due to the temporary closure of 8 Hospice shops and the postponement of fundraising events. That's where I want to help them and give back, to raise funds so that other patients that require the needs of Mary Potter Hospice, can recieve the same care and support, that my grandmother and family had.


Why the new Wellington Children's Hospital?

The journey for myself and my son, at the Wellington Children's Hospital, began in March 2015. My son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and went into the care of his specialist, Dr Ross Wilson. Over the course of two years, my son was given all sorts of treatment to manage his illness. At times, it got so severe, he had to miss school. As his mother, it was very hard to see him suffer, especially when he missed out on things he loved such as school and playing soccer. 

In June 2017, a decision was made between myself, my son, Dr Wilson and his surgeon, Professor Mark Stringer to remove his large bowel. By then, his condition was getting worse, as his immunity was low and it was effecting his growth. Being at the age of 12, it was wise to perform it sooner rather than later. In August 2017, he had his large bowel removed and he now has a stoma.

Since his operation, my son has grown into a healthy young man. Just as important, his operation has given his life back. He is pleased he can attend school, play soccer, go on school camps and stay the night at his friends house. Basically, just being a typical teenager.

Sadly, in July, when my son turned 16, he left the care of them, as he transitioned from the children's department to the adult department. Dr Ross Wilson and Professor Mark Stringer have been nothing but supportive, caring and phenomenal with the care of my son. I can never thank them enough.

Over the course of 5 years, my son was in hospital 5 times for various reasons including the operation he had in 2017. During his hospital stays, the nurses, junior doctors, healthcare assistants and play therapists have given my son compassionate and essential care. Their involvement meant my son's time in hospital, was more pleasant, which helped with his treatment and recovery.

That is why I want to help and give back to the Wellington Children's Hospital. They went above and beyond for my son, so I want to respiciate it.

There is a campaign to raise $10 million for the new Children's Hospital. Funds go towards furniture, fittings, new medical equipment, a therapeutic gym as well as medical, play and family spaces.

My goal....

Is to raise funds for Mary Potter Hospice and the Wellington Children's Hospital. The services of these organisations is only going to increase, as the demand grows and the terminally ill patients and children, require their excellent services.

I am asking you to please donate so that it can help keep services free and to put a smile on a kid that is going through a tough time. I want to reach my goal of donating $1000 to each charity. Any amount will help achieve that.

Michelle Tristram's involvement (page creator)

These organisations took great care of my grandmother and my son. I am wanting to give back, for the care and love they gave them.

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Update image's all folks!  23 November 2020

Posted by: Michelle Tristram

Check out my new hair do!!!

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me over the last 6 months 👏💜

The money raised, will go towards keeping services free in Wellington, Porirua and Kapiti to patients with life limiting illnesses, and to help towards costs of the interior of the new Wellington Children's Hospital.

Well as Porky Pig's all folks!!

Many thanks and best wishes

Michelle 😊🥰🤩

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Guest Donor on 22 Nov 2020
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 22 Nov 2020
Michelle Tristram

Thank you for your generous donation 💜

Michelle Tristram
Maureen on 22 Nov 2020
Michelle Tristram

Thank you for your donation 😊

Michelle Tristram
Michelle on 22 Nov 2020
Thank you Mary Potter Hospice and the Wellington Children's Hospital for the superb work you do for patients 💜
Diane on 20 Nov 2020
Fantastic cause.. well done Michelle. Big hug.
Michelle Tristram

Thanks Diane for your donation. Yes they are awesome charities 😊

Michelle Tristram

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