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Shaving towards a week of cancer-free magic!

  • Night before Shave Day...     29 November 2020 New
    Posted by: Lisa Colebrooke
    Main image

    And all over the house,

    Not a creature was stirring,

    Not even my toddler!

    Just finishing up a custom t-shirt for the big day tomorrow (like the design?), and planning my movements. I'm going to let my toddler and hubby cut the first locks in the morning, then I'll head to my support team to tie up my hair into handy locks to cut, and we'll make our way into Wellington.

    I'll stop by a few workplaces, and I think I will sit down for a coffee on Cuba St mid-morning, so please feel free to stop by (I'll post an update in the morning!).

    I'll also be posting some regular update photos throughout the morning, so I apologise in advance for the spam :) I will also be posting on FB.

    Thanks again for all the support, I am so proud of how much we've raised, and I am fingers crossed that tomorrow we meet the goal!!!

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  • 5 days to go!      25 November 2020
    Posted by: Lisa Colebrooke

    Getting very excited and nervous now! I've booked an amazing henna artist to draw a floral design on my scalp, called a henna crown that night after the shave, which I'm really looking forward to!

    I'm going to ramp up my social media in the coming days to reach out for some more donations as I really want to reach my goal - I'm getting donations instead of birthday presents so that should hopefully help too! Hoping I get quite a few on the day too when people see that I'm actually doing it - going to be posting update photos throughout the day for all those who can't be there :)

    I'm sorting out my schedule the shave, which I'll share soon - making sure all those who donate over $20 get there opportunity to cut some hair!

    I've also been generously donate 3x merino beanies to keep my head warm post shave, this Wellington weather has been so over the show recently!

    As always, thanks heaps for your support!

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  • Bake Sale!     17 November 2020
    Posted by: Lisa Colebrooke
    Main image

    Oh my goodness, I am blown away by the support I'm experiencing today - thank you to those who baked and bought in goodies for me to sell, thank you to those buying them, and thank you for the generous donations coming in!

    It's 13 days until the big shave now, and I've just booked in with a henna artist to apply a floral henna crown on my bald scalp that night after the big cut. I'm getting very excited now!!!

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  • 20 days to go!     10 November 2020
    Posted by: Lisa Colebrooke

    It's 20 days until the big shave, and I'm getting pretty excited now!

    I'm having a bake sale at work next week to help raise funds as well, because I know every little bit counts :)

    Thank you so much for all your help so far!

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