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  • Week 9 of staffing

      3 October 2021
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    Hi everyone,

    We are on our 9th week of lecture phase! I can't believe how fast time flys. This season has been a season of many tears and lots of laughter. God is really taking me through a time of refining. I'm in the midst of Gods fire where the things that are not of God are coming to the surface and being dealt with. Its defiantly a vulnurable time but also so healing and beautiful.

    Prayer is one thing that is really on my heart. God has been challenging me to pray more for the students. I believe that prayer is so important if we are wanting to see breakthrough and healing. Things are birthed through prayer and we should never underestimate the power that prayer has. For one week the leadership team decided to get up extra early and pray for our students for a good 2 hours every morning. That week we saw the most breakthrough and deliverance.

    It has been an absolute privilege to see the students grow closer and deeper into a relationship with God, and to see them blossom into there identity as sons and daughters of our heavenly father.

    God has been teaching me what it means to be a good leader. A good leader doesn't mean that we have everything put together and perfect, sometimes it can be the opposite. I believe a good leader is willing to be vulnurable, to lay your life down to God and others, to be willing for interruptions even if it means that you are about to go to bed after a long day and someone comes and knocks on your door for prayer or advice.

    Jesus was always willing to be interrupted. He often had crowds follow him, even when he was wanting to be alone and go to a quite place. He never turned the people away, he welcomed them with open arms and healed them. He is a perfect example of a life laid down for others.

    God is worthy to be praised and is the highest delight! He goes beyond our expectations and loves us all so much beyond what we could ever comprehend. ♥️🧡💜

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