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Steve's run for Hospice West Auckland

  • Thank you

      12 October 2014

    First of all, thank you to everyone who has donated to a great cause, in memory of a great man. The race went well and I wanted to run 4:30min/km and ended up with 4:29min/km, with an official time of 1:35.23. I only had 2 moments when I was really struggling, at 13km and 20km (going up a steep section of a bridge), but the tough times are what you train for and expect. For those interested in stats, the details uploaded from my Garmin watch are here: Official result is here: The total sits at $1450 which is fantastic, thank you so much to all you generous people - these days you are getting requests from different charities every day, so it means a lot. The page stays open for a few more weeks, so it's not too late to share with anyone who might be interested in this cause. Steve

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  • 4 weeks left

      15 September 2014

    Another thank you to all you awesome people who have supported the amazing cause of Hospice West Auckland. The $1000 target was reached today, but I'm still planning to promote the cause up until race day to see if the amount raised can go further. Training has been going well, although the last week has involved some harder than usual training runs, after an unexpected NZ visit. Next update will be on race weekend, hoping for an injury free 4 weeks! Steve

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  • 2 months to go

      12 August 2014

    Thanks everyone who has supported this cause already, always amazed by how generous people can be. 2 months until the race and the target of $1000 looks well within reach. On the training side, I'm on a completely different training programme to anything I've done before to try and avoid the injuries I keep getting, and all seems to be going to plan so far. No idea what to expect on the day, but it definitely makes it interesting. Thanks again for your amazing support, Steve

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