Suicide prevention and the Mental Health Organisation

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We have one of the highest rates of suicide in young males here in NZ. It's not right, lets try and change it.


Hi I’m Sam

Despite being chronically sick throughout my youth and teenage years, I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve had a massive support group of both family and friends and I know that not everybody has this kind of help. All they have are amazing foundations such as The Mental Health Organisation, Crisis Lines and various suicide prevention teams that work around the clock to prevent and assist people from ending their lives. I am far from “out of the woods” but I can’t begin to imagine how some people feel when they have no support through such times. Trust me, it’s hell.

I’ve been on chemotherapy for treatment of an auto-immune disease and that experience doesn’t even come close to the feeling of hopelessness that leads you to consider suicide. If I were to list the people that have helped prevent me from taking that path, this page wouldn’t end.

I assume it’s difficult to understand if you haven’t experienced this, but it’s obvious by looking at statistics that 1/ something needs to change and 2/ there are plenty of people that need help. The Mental Health Organisation is the only place I can think of that is equipped to help.

So, I am asking my friends, my family and anyone who has been affected by Mental Health, whether it be themselves or a close family member, to donate to this page. All proceeds will go directly to the foundation.

In an effort to increase donations, I will be cutting off my dreadlocks that I have been growing for over 15 years. I have, over the years, been offered money to cut them off so I hope all those people keep their word and now donate to a worthy cause instead of to me.

I am seeking treatment for myself and currently awaiting a bed at a facility. I would like for others to have the same ability/opportunity to do the same.

To my brothers and sisters going through what I am going through, always remember that suicide is only beneficial to your own suffering. What you’re really doing is taking your pain and throwing it at everybody that loves you. You’re not ending your pain, you’re multiplying it.

If anyone ever needs anyone to talk to, there are plenty of crisis numbers. But if you want to talk to someone who may be feeling the same way, my number is (0272399272). I will always answer.

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I just hope I can help prevent another unnecessary loss of life

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Craig on 21 Apr 2021
Such an important cause, thanks for standing up!
Liz on 21 Apr 2021
Love to you Sam.
Peter and Katerina
Peter and Katerina on 17 Apr 2021
Great to see you are raising awareness for this very important issue impacting NZers
Rodney on 13 Apr 2021
Good luck
Brent/Casey on 11 Apr 2021

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