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Everyday I see people who need the invaluable assistance of hospice care. People who have cancer, people who have end stage heart or lung disease, or an incurable illness. These are our families, our friends , our neighbors. Waipuna Hospice provides comfort and care, allows dignity and support for whānau and family.

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As a doctor, I see every day how important Waipuna Hospice is to the care and comfort of our patients in need.

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I did it!!! 38  30 March 2018

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite a journey. Tonight was 38 times up the Mount. When I started, I wanted to help Waipuna Hospice because I was familiar with the great work that they did. Along the way, I found I also helped myself.

There were times it was difficult. I am still working full time as a physician. Trudging up the Mount at dusk after a full day at work, I almost quit a few times. I am too old, too tired , too aching.Th weather was bad. I had a million reasons not to do it. But, the support of my colleagues and the registrars and house officers, the nurses, and my family and friends kept me going. To all of you, thank you. 🤗🤗🤗.

I walked tonight with a giant (as we would say back in the US “big ass” ) grin on my face. I “high fived” four different people I have passed each time I went up. We have become a community of walkers committed to a common goal, and familiar faces linked by a singlet signifying our quest. To my fellow walkers, well done. To all that supported me, the words thank you are insufficient to express my gratitude.

I wasn’t sure I could do it, but it was definitely worth doing.

Thank you all,


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The Mount Everest Challenge 2018

The Mount Everest Challenge is back! Join us and Climb the Mount 38 times in 50 days to raise money for Waipuna Hospice.

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 29 Mar 2018
Diane Hanfelt-Goade

How generous of you! Thanks!

Diane Hanfelt-Goade
Andy on 26 Mar 2018
Go Dr Diane! We're all behind you.
Diane Hanfelt-Goade

You guys are great! Thanks so much!

Diane Hanfelt-Goade
Nikki on 22 Mar 2018
Well done! 😊
Diane Hanfelt-Goade

Your support is fantastic, many thanks!

Diane Hanfelt-Goade
Laura on 22 Mar 2018
Go Diane!
Diane Hanfelt-Goade

This is so cool of you! Thanks

Diane Hanfelt-Goade
Hassan on 22 Mar 2018
Diane Hanfelt-Goade

Many thanks! Cookies coming your way!

Diane Hanfelt-Goade

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