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That's How We Row!

  • Thank you!

      16 February 2021
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    Wow. Once again we are overwhelmed with appreciation for our community. We set a lofty target of $100,000 set eight months and we made it thanks to you! With over 350 donors we managed to raise $100,210 for the great work done by the NZ Heart Foundation.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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  • The Last Push!

      10 February 2021
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    10 months ago, Mark started talking about this challenge, and a few months later, we started to take donations. Now, this part of the journey is coming to an end, and we are just a few dollars short of the target.

    A few weeks ago, we auctioned some Holden Badges (Donated by Quattra Mechanical) via Trademe and raised an inspiring $430 for the cause. That is $300 more than my Peugeot sold for!

    This week we have something a little more niche that I hope will raise some more money for the cause.

    One of the Dempsey Wood Civil projects has a well used but solid playground in the construction zone. It's got to be removed this month (a new replacement will go in nearby later) so we are selling it! As is, where is. Bring the team and some tools and get yourself a playground!

    See the trademe listing at and help get Mark to $100,000!

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  • Thank you for your continued support!

      30 November 2020
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    Great News! We are just a few dollars short of the $100,000 target, AND we are about to be featured in the Heart Foundation Newsletter and News for December.

    We all know what great work the foundation does for research and education, and it is heart-warming for them to recognise the work Mark and the team are doing to help here.

    Better news! We are extending this page for a few extra weeks so that the readers of the Heart Foundation newsletter can donate. This means you also still have time to share the story and help raise awareness of heart health in NZ.

    Thank you for your support and if you could do one more thing, please share this with your family and friends and let's get those few more dollars so we can get to the $100,000 target!

    Ngaa mihi

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  • We are nearly there!

      18 November 2020
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    While the rowing finished over a week ago, the fundraising continues. There are pledges still to be paid and auction items to be collected. This page is open for another 5 weeks but let's not leave it until the last moment to hit the $100,000.

    Mark deserves to celebrate his incredible achievement and hitting that $100k will bring a huge smile to his face.

    Share this with your mates, your whaanau and the people in the office or on the worksite. Together we can get to the goal Mark set and the journey we have all been a part of.

    Why? Because that's how we row!

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  • Over $45,000 raised in the Dempsey Wood Charity Auction!

      11 November 2020
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    What an incredible contribution from the staff, clients and suppliers of Dempsey Wood Civil. In a Charity Auction held after the rowing event, over $45,000 was raised for this great cause.

    There were generous contributions from the following

    Bridgeman Concrete


    Conal Dempsey

    Construct Civil

    Contract Consultants

    Dempsey Wood

    Dempsey Wood Fleet Team


    Fulton Hogan

    Graeme Sinclair




    Matt Ward

    Quattra Mechanical

    Ray Glass

    Riequip Limited

    Rowing New Zealand

    Team NZ Racing

    The Dempsey Race Team and Greg Murphy

    Zealandia Horticulture

    And big bids from

    Adrian Hynds

    Conal Dempsey

    Craig Stephens

    Dan Taylor

    Drew French

    Mike Dunphy

    Mike Lunjevich

    Peter Booth

    Peter Millar

    Peter Shepherd

    Rob Fenwick

    Ron Kelly

    Ryan @ Dillys

    Tania Collinson

    Terry Zouch

    Wayne Clarke

    A very special mention to Goodman Group. Their Green Machine team was backed by very vocal supporters that also put their money up front. I've seen a large number of donations from them and it really does reinforce the great relationship the Dempsey Wood and Goodmans have. Cheers Team!

    Thanks to everyone involved in the Auction! And remember, we are still targeting $100,000 for the NZ Heart Foundation so share this with all the family and friends!

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  • Thank you from the NZ Heart Foundation

      10 November 2020
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    ... We had such a great day thank you! I knew there would be a big turnout and support on the day, but I didn’t anticipate just how big the day really would be. Which is a huge credit to you and the amount of support you have behind you.

    Both myself and the rest of the Heart Foundation team were just in awe of your determination as you rowed the entire day! So let me first ask more importantly….. how are you feeling??

    We are absolutely thrilled with the result and can’t thank yourself and the team at Dempsey Wood for all your support and commitment to raising life-saving funds for our cause. It’s just incredible the support both yourself and the event has had and the funds that have been raised over the last few months and on the day – we are just so grateful.

    Please pass on my thanks to the wider Dempsey Wood team – it was so great meeting Conal, Te Ana and the rest of the Dempsey Wood team. The company has such a feeling of whanau and it was so lovely to be a part of.

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  • Thank you! That was a huge effort from everyone!

      9 November 2020
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    Thanks to everyone that rowed on Friday and made it a very special day. The atmosphere was electric and the support from all the teams for each other was inspiring.

    Over 100 people took part in the rowing and there were plenty of people behind the scenes too that volunteered to make this day special. Thank you!

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  • Update - Week Four Training

      1 September 2020

    Presently I can row 8.5km in one hour. This is well behind the required target of 12.5km per hour to meet the eight-hour time limit.

    The rule of thumb for rowing is 70% leg drive and 30% pull with the upper body.

    Considering all my rowing action is from the upper body, this effort is not too bad. Well, I think so anyhow.

    However, there are approximately nine weeks of training left to improve on this effort and get closer to that target.

    In other news, we hit $15,000! This is a great effort especially considering the uncertainty around the world. Thank you to everyone that has supported the event so far. If I can ask for one favour, it would be that you share this cause wide and far so that as many people hear about the challenge and have the opportunity to be involved.

    Also, the great people at Dempsey Wood Civil have started a #DWPushupChallenge to support the cause. The aim is simple. Get people to sponsor you for each push up you do in September. Then do one set, once a day and punch out as many pushups as you can without stopping.

    By the end of the month, you will feel the difference and the NZ Heart Foundation will benefit too!

    So, join them and share your results on Facebook! #DWPushupChallenge

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  • Rowing training with a legend - Barry Cleal MNZM

      18 August 2020
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    Pre L3 Lock down, I met up with Barry Cleal MNZM, who is a rowing coach legend to provide some guidance to get me over the finish line.

    Barry has been with the Auckland Rowing Club for thirty-eight years and has coached a number of teams domestically, nationally and internationally throughout his career.

    With Barry’s assistance and a few little modifications to my Erg, I think we will get there.

    I thank you Barry for your time and knowledge that you are sharing with me.

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  • First week on a Concept Two rower

      10 August 2020
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    Week one of a twelve week programme.

    First week on a concept two rower and what a difference to my old magnetic rower. There is going to be a total new dynamic to learn and come to grip with.

    Like to thank Gary and Eric from Concept Two for the delivery of the rower and their time spent investigating what modifications could be made.

    Also, thanks to Nick from Dempsey Wood and his skills for the modifications to the rower. Without these mods, this challenge will be impossible for me.

    So my first workout on a concept two was pretty dam hard. Just as well I have three months to increase speed and endurance.

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  • Mark and Eric Murray talk about the challenge

      27 July 2020

    Here We Go! Take a few minutes to hear what Mark has planned for this year after his mammoth effort to swim across the harbour last year.

    This time around, Mark not only has the support of the DW whanau, but also the Auckland Rowing Club and an Olympic legend, Eric Murray.

    So, listen to Mark and Eric talk about the challenge.

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