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Trudi Kent Fund

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    Jane asks

    Hallo Shannon, how wonderful to see the response this page has had. We would like to attend Trudi’s funeral tomorrow, would you be able to give me an address? It says Millers on Champion road in Stuff, but I can’t find it. Jane & Dave

    on 18 Jul 2020

    • Shannon Norton


      Sorry seen this today, hope you were able to find it and attend.

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    Kyle asks

    Hi Shannon. Thank you so much for setting this up in remembrance of dear Trudi. Just a quick question, and I may be wrong, but was it not the Nelson Rescue Helicopter that assisted Trudi, not the Auckland Rescue Helicopter? (possibly they are interconnected?) I just want to ensure the funds go to the fantastic people that tried to help Trudi. Cheers (and no need to respond if its all ok)

    on 16 Jul 2020

    • Shannon Norton


      Yes was having it changed, all done now :)

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