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Twisty-Butt SaddleSore1600K for Aran Animal Rescue

  • Sorry for the delay in getting info out to you.

      1 June 2020
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    Hi everyone, sorry for the delay in getting a proper update out to you all. - As you'll know by now we had to pull the pin on the ride attempt. There were various things we needed to work through before we could publish this update, including sorting Luke out, and allowing Luke some time to work through bit that he needed to do too. - Now that they've been sorted, we can fill you all in on what went on.

    Firstly, thank you all very much for your kind donations to our fundraising effort. We gave it a good, solid, honest go, but hit a snag ~95km into the ride. There's a full ride report here:

    If you would like to see the video of how well things were going before it all turned to custard, then there's an unedited 'first hour' of riding linked to in the video link of this update.

    Please do visit the ride report link for all of the full details, there's too much info on that page to try to repeat it all here.

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  • It’s been an adventure!

      30 May 2020

    We’ve had to pull the pin. Shortly after starting the ride we had to call it a day. More info to follow shortly. We’re both ok.

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  • Getting close now!

      26 May 2020

    Only three full sleeps to go!

    We have published our SpotWalla tracking links for the ride on our blog page here:

    We've done a detailed planning sheet, and things look like they're going to be super close and very, very challenging. This is likely to be the toughest of these types of rides which we've ever attempted.

    Thank you very, very much to those who have donated, we really appreciate it very much. We've hit $704 tonight which is excellent considering the very short time which we've had so far. We'd very much appreciate your help in sharing the event page, or our blog page to your friends and family if you can please.

    Stay tuned! And let's all hope for some good weather because this is going to be impossible if it's wet or foggy this weekend... If that's the case, then we'll likely need to set an alternative date. - So we'll be keeping our eyes on the forecast over the next few days.

    Thanks everyone.

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