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  • Expect the unexpected!

      12 June 2022
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    I think those of us working in the volunteer sector will be familiar with this statement. So it has been for me. My role with ReliefAid is based in Syria running an education programme called BounceBack4Syria from my laptop in Auckland. Then one day a request came through asking if I would look after the Givealittle Page. I would never have imagined what this would really involve and after the 6 March this year, it meant that in a small way I met everyone who has donated to raising funds of over $181,000 for the work of ReliefAid in Ukraine.

    Kiwis are a kind and generous lot! Whether you have links to Ukraine all of you have felt connected to those in need in a world we struggle to understand. I considered that it was the least I could do to reply to every donation to this fundraiser – all 978 of them so far and will continue to do so. I have tried to make my thank you personal as I admire every person who has donated to this cause, no matter the size of the donation, no matter if it is your first donation or your third, no matter if you have signed up to donate weekly or monthly or it was a one off. Each donation is appreciated. Thank you trice over. For those who have donated time and energy to running fundraisers from feijoa sales to gingernuts and gin. You are amazing! To all of you who have written your messages of support for the team in Ukraine these have been read and sent these on to them to boost their spirits.

    Your kindness has allowed ReliefAid to deliver: food supplies to families living in areas that have become accessible since front lines have been pushed back; medical supplies to hospitals in Kyiv and Dnipro that are dealing with trauma cases; shelter kits including tools and materials for undertaking first line repairs to missile damaged homes; hygiene kits, mattresses and blankets to people living in collective centres.

    Thanks to you we have been able to help people in towns and villages that have seen some of the worst of the fighting including Lubny, Bucha, Svyatopetrovsky, Irpin, Chernivsti, Horenka, Gorenka, Brovary, Kalinov, Borshchahiv, Mykolaiv, Myla.

    Please follow us on Social Media to keep updated with the assistance we are rolling out and to see how your donations are helping as we aim for $200,000.

    Bernadette Stockman

    Education Manager


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  • Have you seen our newsletter?

      15 May 2022
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    Check out this link to our most recent newsletter.

    If you’re into numbers, the newsletter contains data on a range of items including how many people we have helped. If you’re wanting to see the support we are giving, there are many photos showing the team working on the ground. And if you into keeping this vital support heading to the people of Ukraine, share this link with those who may not know about ReliefAid a home-grown Kiwi organisation helping those in a war zone. We still need your support and are thankful you are on board. Kia kaha.

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  • Video from Thiago, ReliefAid speaking about the distribution of aid heading to Kyiv.

      12 April 2022
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    Firstly, a huge thank you for your continued support of our efforts in Ukraine. As you listen to Thiago you can know that your contributions are making a real difference right now.

    A shout out to the many groups who have organised events to raise funds for Ukraine. These include Rangi Ruru College and Paisley Stage in Napier. We know that kiwis are a generous lot, and we are seeing evidence of this every day.

    You can follow our efforts and the efforts of our supporters on Facebook and Instagram and if there is one more thing we can ask of you, that is to send your contacts a message about our work.

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  • Media spots with Mike in Ukraine about ReliefAids work in Ukraine tomorrow Sunday 10th

      9 April 2022
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    Thanks to our many supporters. You are an awesome bunch of people.

    There are 2 upcoming opportunities to hear how your donations are helping those in Ukraine. Check out the Sunday Star Times this Sunday 10 April.

    Tune in to Jim Mora tomorrow on RNZ to listen to an interview with Mike about the work ReliefAid are doing on the ground.

    Check out our updated gallery on Give a Little. and please continue to help by sharing our work with your networks.

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  • Update from Mike Seawright in Lviv, Ukraine

      23 March 2022
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    Mike is in Lviv where he is setting up our aid operation to deliver emergency aid to people in hard to reach places, including medical supplies, food and shelter materials. He's given a few media updates over the last few days, if you have missed them you can find them on our website Thank you for the incredible support. Please continue to share our information, your support will help us reach more people directly impacted by the conflict.

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  • Founder of ReliefAid Mike Seawright is in Lviv, Ukaraine, setting up assistance. Listen this interview from yesterday.

      12 March 2022 from RNZ.

    From RNZ: Inside Ukraine the fighting that is causing the exodus of so many people is continuing on multiple fronts. The Mayor of Kyiv, former boxing champion Vitali Klitschcko, says the capital has been turned into a fortress as Russian forces close in. Other Ukrainian cities are also under siege and for those who either don't want to leave or can't, aid workers are doing what they can to help. One of them is New Zealander, Mike Seawright, who founded ReliefAid. He entered Ukraine alone two days ago.

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