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NZ based ReliefAid works in conflict zones providing humanitarian aid.

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As the situation in Ukraine worsens by the day, millions of people have been uprooted from their homes. Families continue to flee for safety not knowing where their next meal is coming from or where they will find shelter for their children.

You can help. ReliefAid's Founder is in Ukraine overseeing our emergency response. Our aid deliveries will include medical supplies, food and shelter materials to people left behind in hard to reach places.

Check out ReliefAid's work in conflict zones in Afghanistan and Syria.

With your support we will be able to get emergency aid to the people who need it the most. When everything has been taken from you, humanitarian aid is your only lifeline.

Please give what you can and share this page with family, friends, and colleagues. You can help us extend our networks by sharing our work so we can continue to help families survive this chaos.

Thank you for helping us reach those who need help the most.

If you would like more information, please email us

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Healing hearts and homes: Emergency Response, Medical Care, and Kids' Mental Health in Ukraine  28 August 2023

In light of recent developments in Ukraine, we're excited to share the impactful strides we've made in crucial areas, thanks to your generous contributions: medical assistance and emotional healing for children.

In the realm of medical support, we've aided 28 incredible children in their battle against cancer across 11 regions in Ukraine through the Таблеточки Foundation. These brave families, facing both conflict-related stress and the challenges of cancer, inspire us with their resilience. Our assistance extends to a medical centre in Eastern Ukraine, undeterred by missile strikes, providing free consultations and vital care to residents of 17 fire-stricken villages.

The toll of conflict on Ukraine's children is profound, with nearly two-thirds displaced and war's trauma ever-present. To offer respite, we sponsored a transformative 10-day kids' camp nestled within Ukraine's serene Carpathian Mountains. With over 100 activities, this volunteer-run camp equips children with tools to navigate trauma, fostering resilience and solace amidst adversity.

Amidst challenges, our community's unwavering support continues to yield profound change in the lives of conflict-affected individuals. The stories emerging from Ukraine speak of resilience, compassion, and hope, underlining the lasting impact of your commitment. Thank you!

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Jillian 1 day ago
A Christmas Gift to Ukraine from Jillian xxxxxxx
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 1 day ago
June 2 days ago
I would like this contribution to be used to bring some Christmas spirit to people in Ukraine. But I defer to you to decide on the best use.

That is so kind of you June. We will do our very best to spread some Christmas cheer. Your support of our work continues to help those in tremendous need and confirms your beleif in our work. Hari Kirihimete!

john 5 days ago
I have seen children praying for the war to stop Putin has no idea what it is doing to children in Ukraine he would think twice if it were his grandchildren having to go through what Ukraine's children are having to go through.

Hi John, your generosity in continuing to support our work in Ukraine is much appreciated. ReliefAid is working hard to alleviate the problems facing those living through this tragedy including the children who as you say are bearing the full impact of this tragic situation. Our support of children’s camps is one way of showing these innocent victims that we are there to help them even from the other side of the world. Thank you for walking alongside us in our work.

Flagmakers Ltd
Flagmakers Ltd on 28 Nov 2023

Hi David, thank you for being alongside as we do this work. Your gemerous support is really appreciated. I am sure you are keeping up with our efforts on social media I am sure you are seeing the images of winter in Ukraine. ReliefAid is working hard to alleviate the problems facing those living through this ongoign disaster. Thanks for your help.


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