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Walking With Wings - for Cystic Fibrosis NZ and Taranaki Retreat (mental health)

  • A bit of a delay to start walking again - but watch this space

      26 January 2022
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    Kia ora,

    Well I had planned to be walking in the South Island by now but I have had a bit of a delay. My GP asked that I delay my walk by a month to sort out my health a bit more. So, while it's a bit frustrating to delay, I am taking my GP's advice and making sure I am in top shape before I start walking again. At this stage I think I might get the green light to go in about mid February. Watch this space and my social media for updates.

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    Instagram @walkingwithwings Shane Kidby

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    And Follow My Challenge

    So as I rest up, I am reflecting on why I am doing this epic adventure for cystic fibrosis and mental health. It's little brother Daniel's 46th birthday and he's not here to celebrate because Daniel had cystic fibrosis. I want cystic fibrosis families to have their loved ones here with them for many happy years - I want to be a part of that change, and that is why I am Walking With Wings. I can't thank you enough for your support. Creating that change isn't possible with out you. Thank you - and stay tuned for more updates soon.



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  • Merry Christmas and thank you

      23 December 2021
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    I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for your support for my hikoi around the entire coastline of Aotearoa for cystic fibrosis and mental health. Without you, it would not be possible. Thank you.

    Shane Kidby

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  • Walking With Wings - 678 kms total - taking a break for Christmas

      1 December 2021

    Kia ora supporters,

    I have walked a total of 678 kms in 71 days - including rest days. Cape Reinga to Herekino and then New Plymouth to Wellington. I had a lot of adventures along the way including being repeatedly smashed up against a cliff by the ocean and making my escape through an old tunnel that went vertically up through the cliff. It was part of the remains of a small power coastal power station near Patea. I have had a few scrapes and bruises from falling and climbing and there were times when I was sore and tired that I was really wondering why I was doing this epic adventure. But here I am safe and sound back home with my whanau for Christmas. I am planning the nest stage of my hikoi which will probably start at Picton on the South Island in January 2022.

    I want to thank Walking With Wings NZ partners - Swazi, Trackme and Follow My Challenge, Mission Kayaking, Macpac, Oboz, The Most FM, EightyOne, Greg Brien Physiotherapy, Taranaki YMCA Fitness Centre, Shining Peak Brewing, Game Changer, Fix & Fogg, Kings Society Barbershop, YY Nation, Mona Road and the Brothers Coldpress.

    A really heart felt thank you to all of you who have donated and supported.

    This couldn't happen without Walking With Wings partners and supporters. THANK YOU.

    Also thank you to all the people I met on my journey who have given me a bed for the night, a meal, helped me across a river or stopped to have a chat. You are all keeping me motivated and on the track to raise funds and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis New Zealand and Taranaki Retreat (mental health).

    Don't forget to Follow My Challenge at

    Follow my Facebook @walkingwithwingsnz or Instrgram @walkingwithwings (Shane Kidby) or TikTok @walkingwithwings. All your likes, shares, comments and messages are much appreciated.

    Walking With Wings T Shirts are available here

    Walking With Wings hoodies (pre order) are available for the next couple of weeks here

    Proceeds go to CF NZ and Taranaki Retreat.

    Thank you all. Have a great Christmas.


    PS. Youtube clip is of a few pics and vids on part of my journey

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  • RE start of Walk now we are in Level 2

      14 September 2021
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    Hi everyone,

    Well before covid lockdown I got as far as Herekino in the North Island before I had to stop for a while with an achilles issue. I had only just got the green light from the physio to start walking again and NZ went in to covid lockdown. Now that restrictions have eased with much of New Zealand being a level 2 alert, I have re started Walking With Wings ... but I haven't started again at Herekino (due to level 4 lockdown in Auckland). I have started again at New Plymouth and I am making my way south towards Wellington. You can follow my progress on a map in live time at this link

    Walking With Wings is also now on Tiktok so follow to see some video footage taken on my walk. Thank you all once again for your amazing donations. Stay safe!


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  • Shane has started walking - follow his progress

      15 July 2021

    Hello and THANK YOU! Without you this isn't possible. Here's a few updates:

    1. Shane has started walking as of today. He left Cape Reinga in the North Island of NZ a few hours ago. You can see his progress on a map in live time at this link


    2. Here's the latest newspaper article about Shane -

    3. We have Walking With Wings hoodies for sale online. You can pre order here

    About 27% of proceeds of the sale of each hoodie goes to CF NZ and Taranaki Retreat.

    THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! Your support is overwhelming and completely amazing!

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  • I am starting my walk! THANK YOU!!

      5 June 2021
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    And here’s what we’ve all been looking forward to - I’m starting my #WalkingWithWings!!!!!!!

    I did plan to start in August from Cape Reinga, but, my Mum is seriously unwell and it’s her dream to see me start walking. So, I’m now starting from New Plymouth and heading south towards Wellington so that my Mum can see me start and I’ll be close to home for my family.

    I’ll be starting at Shining Peak Brewing in New Plymouth on the 26 June. If you are around, come on in to Shining Peak Brewing between 10 and 11 am to say hello and see me start. All are welcome.

    A massive thank you to my family, friends and partners. Wouldn’t be happening without you.

    Yep. I’m really doing this!

    You can donate to: Cystic Fibrosis NZ and Taranaki Retreat at

    Again - THANK YOU Shining Peak Brewing for hosting the event and your 5% project going towards the Taranaki CF Branch.

    Thank you to my partners:


    Trackme NZ

    Oboz Footwear


    Shining Peak Brewing

    The MOST FM

    Greg Brien Physiotherapy

    YMCA Taranaki Fitness Centre

    Game Changer

    Kings Society Barbershop


    Vogeltown Pharmacy

    #cysticfibrosisawareness #cfsiblings #mentalhealthawareness #ItsOkayNottobeOkay

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