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Wilderland Fire Recovery Fund

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Reports are still coming in after a devastating fire has ripped through Wilderland but the need for funds is clear...

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Conservation Sustainability Endurance

With early reports of so much of the land and multiple houses being destroyed at Wilderland there is a clear need for funds that will help the community survive.

Wilderland is a centre for education in sustainable living and is one of New Zealand's longest standing communities. It has had an organic shop to sell healthy food to the local community since 1964.

We will update this page as more details come through.

What is Wilderland?

From their website...

Sustainable Living

Wilderland strives to be an example of a more sustainable, collaborative way of living with our environment and tries to create methods with which future generations can live in greater harmony with the earth. In all things we aim to give back to the land by applying methods of organic horticulture, land stewardship and developing new sustainable systems for all to learn from.


Wilderland works to develop and showcase the benefits of collaborative sustainability in contemporary New Zealand. Community is collaboration, sharing and support. A healthy community creates a wealth that money can't buy.


Wilderland's charitable purpose is to provide learning experiences to the wider community. Learning occurs mainly through hands-on experience and participation. You can learn how to:

• Build local economy

• Develop collaborative enterprise

• Foster wellbeing

• Grow your own food

• Reduce your ecological footprint

• Minimise the waste you create

Page created by:

Tim Jago


I was a resident at Wilderland through 2005-2009 and have a strong interest in helping it persevere.

All funds raised go to:

  • Wilderland Trust

    Wilderland is a self-reliant community that has been practicing and promoting a sustainable, low impact way of living since 1964! Wilderla

“May Wilderland thrive, for the benefit of all.”
“good luck, dear friends! I think of you often. Thanks for everything!”
“Good luck with the clean-up!”
“Hi Wilderland, Our thoughts are with you as you negotiate the aftermath of the fire. We love having your presence at our Annual December Craft Markets & Beach Hop Nostalgia Fair. As we are Not-for-Profit also, we wish we could give more, but know that our thoughts are with you. Arohanui Renee and the Festival Committee.”
“Very sorry to hear about such a devastating blow to your community. Here's a little help from Chicago, with all best wishes for the rebuild.”
“Thinking of you guys. Heartbreaking. but never give up - we aare all with you!”
“With all best wishes to the community”
“Kia kaha Wilderland!”
“So sorry this has happened. Hope you get back on your feet and can keep doing your valuable work for the community.”
“With lots of love and believe in the good! Stay strong!”
  • $14,761.44 donated
  • 163 generous donors

$14,761 donated

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