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Wilderland Fire Recovery Fund


      21 January 2017
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    (to contact, please email:

    Kind people, many of whom have already supported us (and other Comer's Rd folks) in any ways you can, we are now moving towards looking a little bit more forward with our next steps - so we are offering some thoughts on others ways people can help.

    We have lost our mechanical tools, power tools and vehicles to name a few things. We have a huge task ahead of us cleaning the site, however this will be impossible if we don't start replenishing our equipment. We have been lucky to receive some starting support with some tools, gloves and respirators from two fantastic local businesses - but we will need much more to start with the cleanup! This is a short list of things that we are looking for that you might have spare of or know someone who can help with:


    -- hammers

    -- saws

    -- pry bars

    -- sledge hammers


    -- spades

    -- wheelbarrows

    -- gloves


    -- drill

    -- angle grinder

    -- wheedwhacker / brush cutter

    -- chainsaws


    -- run around farm vehicle (preferably 4wd, doesn't need WOF or COF)

    -- trailers (registered or unregistered)

    We have had such incredible support from local business' who we will be taking the time to thank individually over the coming weeks and we are in progress towards having our water supply re-established by Tuesday 31st January after having received some donated piping and making contact with tank manufacturers.


    We have had floods of offers to come and help us work on the land - again, please send any offers through to the email - - so that we can collate any specific offers of help.

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    • 23/01/2017 by Cherie

      Please also consider donating to the Give a Little fund for Helen Lee, a Wilderland neighbour who lost her house of some 30 years and most of her belongings in the same fire

  • Press release from the Wilderland Trust

      19 January 2017

    Thank you all for the kind donations, keep spreading the word!

    The following is a statement from the Wilderland Trust regarding the damages to the property owned by the Wilderland Trust and surrounding properties.

    As you may be aware a large bush fire has caused significant damage throughout the immediate Comers Rd area, south of Whitianga affecting Wilderland and neighbouring properties. Thankfully, no lives have been lost nor have there been any injuries.

    The members of the Wilderland Trust, all the residents, volunteers and students would like to extend their deepest thanks to the community of Whitianga, from whom the support has been immediate, extensive and amazing. We would like to thank Jemma at the RiverGlen Holiday Park, the Whitianga/Kuoutunu/Onemana Fire Brigade (and any other precincts that have been involved), the helicopter pilots, the food donators, WhitiChitChat, Chloe Monrad, Amy Hodge for her extensive help coordinating and supporting the Comer’s Road folks in our time of collective need and all the wonderful people who have provided support – it’s hard to keep track of!

    There has been significant damage to property owned by the Wilderland Trust including buildings, vehicles and infrastructure. We will issue another statement regarding the extent of damages when we have been cleared to return to the property. Our hearts go out to our neighbour’s who also have suffered significant loss in this tragic event.

    The fire investigation is still underway, all we know at this stage is that the fire originated on a neighbouring property and was already well established before spreading through Wilderland and beyond.

    The immediate crisis is under control – thanks in part to the kind donations of accommodation, food, clothes and sanitary items. For all those asking how they can help – PLEASE hold that thought! – we need time to assess the extent of the full damage which will be made evident after we have been cleared to return to the property. However, we know already that our vehicles, workshop & engineering tools, 2 residential houses, 2 caravans for volunteers, business stocks and certified food production areas have been destroyed. Also, essential infrastructure such as electricity and water supplies have sustained damage rendering them inoperable.

    Rest assured Wilderland will recover and continue fulfilling its purpose as a centre for education and sustainability. With ongoing effort and support we hope to be in a stable state for winter. We have setup an email to facilitate all the kind offers of support that have already begun to stream in. Please email to reach us promptly.

    Thank you once again everybody for your love and generosity. We are extremely overwhelmed and humbled by the kindness of our wider community.

    Wilderland Trust

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