Winter solstice saddle-sore for the puppies

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Chris and Stella will be riding 1600km/24hrs on a motorcycle 2-up, on the shortest day (22nd Jun), for ARAN Animal Rescue.


We're doing it tough this time, we've chosen Jun 22nd (the shortest day - Winter Solstice is at Sat, 22 Jun 2019 3:54 a.m.) as our target day for our next mad motorcycle riding adventure. We're attempting another Saddle-Sore, an Iron Butt Association endurance ride, for which we need to complete 1609km within a 24hr period.

With only 9:37hrs of daylight on the 22nd June, the majority of our riding will be done in the dark, and as you'll know, the majority of the ride will be cold too.

Quite fitting then that we're hoping to do this ride to raise money for the puppies again, as that's how a lot of them will be feeling in the pounds: left in the cold and dark with only a slight glimmer of hope...

My lovely wife, Stella will be joining me this time on the back of the bike (as pillion). If you think that riding 1600km in 24hours is hard, try sitting on the back of a bike on a seat which is only slightly bigger than a dinner plate for 24 hours! She's a trooper!

In order to stand the best possible chance of finishing this ride, we'll be setting off in the early hours of Saturday morning, leaving our starting petrol station at ~3:30am. This way we can at have at least a few hours of sleep before we need to get up and start the long day. You've ideally got to rid yourself of as much sleep-debt as possible before you start these things.

We'll be riding on a route in the North Island of NZ, which has yet to be fully finalised, it will be mainly NZ highways, and we're hoping to keep the higher altitude roads to a minimum given the temperature at this time of year.

We'll be sending updates out to our sponsors, with live tracking links and more of the planning information, so if this type of madness interests you, then get involved and drop in a donation, you'll be provided the details you need to follow our prep, and the ride in response.

Thank you, any donation is a good donation, it doesn't have to be huge, anything which you can afford to give will be very gratefully received.

Chris Wiltshire's involvement (page creator)

We believe strongly in the work which ARAN does, saving over 200 dogs each year from death row in the public pounds in NZ. - They step in and save those dogs which would have otherwise been put to death, relocating and rehoming those which they can.

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Latest update

Ride report is now out.  27 June 2019

Our 2-Up+1 Winter Solstice Ride report from last week. Includes video footage and photos.

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Latest donations

Dan on 23 Jun 2019
Great job! Happy to sponsor $1/100km for your efforts.
Chris Wiltshire

Cheers Dan! Thanks for the support! :) See you on the road sometime soon.

Chris Wiltshire
Happy Tiger(Luke Mitchell friend )
Happy Tiger(Luke Mitchell friend ) on 22 Jun 2019
From Happy Tiger (NCN2) Tell Luke Mitchell good luck!!!
Chris Wiltshire

Thank you Happy Tiger!

Chris Wiltshire
Jake & Blackie
Jake & Blackie on 22 Jun 2019
Good on ya guys! Looking forward to the updates!
Chris Wiltshire

Hi Blake and Jackie. Thank you for the support! You might have to do one of endurance ride next!!??? :) - talk nicely to Luke and he might organise one for you??

Chris Wiltshire
Tony & Samuel
Tony & Samuel on 21 Jun 2019
Chris Wiltshire

Thank you Tony & Samuel that’s very generous!!!

Chris Wiltshire
Julie on 21 Jun 2019
Chris Wiltshire

Thank you Julie and Dean!!! Awesome, cheers!!!

Chris Wiltshire

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