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Winter solstice saddle-sore for the puppies

  • Made it round, home safe and sound.

      23 June 2019
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    We’ll publish a full ride report in the next week or so, but we just wanted to let you all know that we made it round, 1,630km in just under 20hrs. Thank you again for your kind support.

    Chris, Stella and Luke.

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  • Getting close now...

      21 June 2019

    Well we’re on our final countdown, dinner sleep then we’re up at 2am for our 3:30am start.

    The weather forecast has just been on TV and we’ve completely lucked this one!

    We’ve also managed to hit some awesome fundraising levels so wanted to again, thank you very very much. It certainly helps to know that you’re behind us doing the ride and behind the puppies too!

    So. Watch this space. And make sure you head back to our webpage tomorrow for our tracking links.


    Sweet. Wish us luck!!!

    Chris, Stella and Luke.

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  • Wow, we've hit our fundraising target of $1k.

      10 June 2019
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    We have hit our fundraising target of $1k, and I'm so very grateful to those who have sponsored our ride. In the past years we had set a target of $1/km (always over $1600) but I felt that this year we would keep that target a but more modest as I was worried about donor fatigue.

    Well, you've proven me wrong and I'm very happy to be wrong this time! :) - Thank you so much.

    Just because we have hit the initial fundraising target doesn't mean that we can't continue beyond that, so if you're reading this page update now thinking that there's enough in the tank... These fantastic people at Aran Animal Rescue can't get enough, they need all the help they can get, so please do continue to dig deep and throw a little something in the tin.

    Thank you everyone!!!


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