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Aganu’u Fa’asamoa 101 (AF101) is a unique cultural identity programme, delivered by not-for-profit organisation Epiphany Pacific Trust.

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Aganu’u Fa’asāmoa 101 (AF101) is a unique cultural identity programme, delivered by not-for-profit organisation Epiphany Pacific Trust.

Specifically designed for Sāmoans born or raised away from the rich cultural surroundings of Sāmoa, ninety percent of the programme is taught in English, providing a unique opportunity for Students to connect with Sāmoan traditions and cultural practices in a contemporary and supportive environment.

Since 20014, the Auckland based tutors Tanoa'i Reupena Michael Tanoa’i & Apulu Tu’u’u Kalala Mary Autagavaia have connected with thousands of Samoans young and old in New Zealand, Australia, Samoa and soon the United States of America.

Topics which are covered in the programme:

1. Folafola Toana'i

2. Folafola Sua

3. Fa'afeiloaiiga

4. Paia O Sāmoa

5. Structure of Lauga Fa'afetai

6. Structure of Ava Ceremony

7. Upu Fa'aaloalo

8. Fa'alupega

9. Lauga Fa'afetai

10. Structure of Si'i

11. Sulatoga

**A few examples of why the programme exists [click on the links below]:

1. https://www.facebook.com/aganuu101/videos/1927443607501153/

2. https://www.facebook.com/aganuu101/videos/1858583871053794/

3. https://www.facebook.com/aganuu101/videos/1935102760068571/

**The journey through the programme for some of our Students:

1. Sydney, Australia Vasega #2: https://www.facebook.com/aganuu101/videos/1933336253578555/

2. Wellington, New Zealand Vasega #5: https://www.facebook.com/aganuu101/videos/1916454575266723/

The overseas programmes are heavily reliant on the goodwill of those on the ground, predominantly former students of the programme in their respective communities to assist with the coordination of logistics etc on behalf of the programme, with a view always to ensure the programme is accessible as possible.

If you wish to support or donate to the teams overseas efforts please go here: https://givealittle.co.nz/org/aganuufaasamoa101 or contact aganuunz101@gmail.com to donate by way of bank transfer

For details of where the team will be next stay tuned to the Aganu’u Fa’asāmoa 101 events page for announcements of future programmes. Click here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/aganuu101/events/?ref=page_internal

For further information go to: www.epiphanypacifictrust.com or send an email to aganuunz101@gmail.com


1. All programme dates will always be announced here on our

Facebook events page including registration process and costs etc, so please stay tuned here for announcements of future programmes:


2. Costs may vary depending on the territory and the hosts of the programmes. As each programme is announced, cost will also be advised. Stay tuned on our Facebook events page.

3. As 90% of the programme is explained in-depth in English, a basic understanding of the Sāmoan language is helpful in order for you to participate in the programme. Remember this is Aganu’u Fa'asāmoa 101, we have had many non-Sāmoans complete the programme successfully

4. The ideal age for this programme is 15 years plus, we have had younger students participate accompanied by their parents. We are happy to discuss on a case by case basis


In the past some of the Auckland programmes have been free for Students to register, however from July 2017 there will now be a non-refundable payment of $20 to cover administration fees which must accompany a completed registration form.

Soifua ma fa'afetai lava on behalf of the Aganu’u Fa’asamoa 101 Team

#PayingItForward #NewEvangelization #OurCultureOurIdentity

More about us

Epiphany Pacific Trust is a not-for-profit organisation which delivers the Aganu'u Fa'asamoa 101 programme to Samoans born/raised away from Samoa.

Use of funds

This GiveaLittle page is to support the efforts of the Aganu’u Fa’asamoa 101 overseas programmes.

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SEATTLE & TACOMA #1 (USA) DAY ONE  12 July 2017

Posted by: Epiphany Pacific Trust

SEATTLE & TACOMA #1 (USA) DAY ONE - After much anticipation, preparation & prayers, finally kicked off last evening here in Seattle, USA, with an awesome first up session.

They buzz out on our accents, we buzz out on theirs, but collectively proud & excited to embark on this week long journey that lies ahead together.

Thank you to everyone for supporting!

CLICK TO VIEW: https://youtu.be/osJ02jVpNzY

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