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As we receive no government funding, Animal Evac needs your help so that animals are not left behind in emergencies.

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Formed in 2018, following the devastating Edgecumbe flood the year prior that saw over 1,000 animals left behind in need of rescue, Animal Evac New Zealand (Kararehe Whakawatea) is a charity comprised of volunteers including veterinary and disaster response professionals, to ensure the needs of animals are better served in future emergencies. Though there is a primary focus on companion animals, Animal Evac works to advocate for all animals that are vulnerable or affected by disasters. A national pool of trained Animal Evac volunteers has been established to provide surge capacity in support of regional animal welfare emergency response.

Purpose: Why Animal Evac ?

• To address the significant animal welfare emergency management capability gap

• To protect disaster affected animals in partnership with the community

• To provide local response to support animal evacuation, sheltering and reunification.

Mission: What we do

A. Promote animal-inclusive hazard mitigation, emergency preparedness and recovery

B. Develop and maintain a regional capability of animal emergency responders

C. Provide training and professional development in animal disaster management

D. Provide initial response to support to emergency services with the evacuation of animals and their temporary care

E. Operate an animal evacuation database available for partner organisations to access to promote real-time collaboration and information sharing during a disaster

F. Work with existing animal shelters for the ongoing care, reunification or rehoming of evacuated animals

G. Implement post-disaster community recovery projects for improving animal welfare and resilience to future events (i.e. microchipping, pet carrier, family emergency plans).

H. Advocate for accountable and capable animal emergency management arrangements.

Values: How we do it

• We are the leading voice for all animals affected by disaster

• We act to do the right thing for the animals in a disaster management context

• We develop local capacity to create animal inclusive community resilience

• We hold to account those with responsibilities to protect animals from disaster

• We inform our position and activities using best practice and scientific knowledge

• We do not advocate on non-disaster related animal welfare issues.

More about us

Animal Evac New Zealand is a registered charitable trust under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. We are the NZ's only dedicated emergency management charity for animals, with a mission to protect animals from disasters. Registered Charity CC55754.

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Animal Evac back home from Australia  7 February 2020

Posted by: Animal Evac New Zealand Trust

We’ve been blown away over the last few weeks by the generous donations and kind messages we have received.

While it was hard work in Australia, the team had some great successes. They carried out animal search and rescues in recently burnt areas and helped a community prepare to evacuate. To read updates from the fires deployment, check out the news section of the Animal Evac website

As our deployment to Australia has ended, donations coming in will be used to support Animal Evac’s work in New Zealand and our response to future disasters. Donating now is a great way to make sure that when disaster strikes, Animal Evac is ready to act and make sure no animal is left behind.

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Latest donations

Mycah on 27 Apr 2021
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 31 Mar 2021
Dominion Chihuahua Club Inc
Dominion Chihuahua Club Inc on 11 Mar 2021
The Dominion Chihuahua Clun in Christchurch raised $150 for the Australian Bushfire Relief, but could not decide who to give it so we decided that as you had helped the in the Aussie rescues and were based in NZ, you were the best people to give the money to. We are happy we can support you in our own small way. Regards, Jenny Ryan Secretary Dominion Chihuahua Club Inc
Petsave NZ
Petsave NZ on 28 Feb 2021
Keep up the great work team!
Rebecca on 18 Feb 2021
Great conference!

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