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Animal Evac New Zealand Trust

  • Cyclone Gabrielle Response February 2023

      19 February 2023
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    Thank you so much for your donation. You're helping us continue our work -- we can never predict when we'll be needed, but your generosity helps us be prepared.

    Our volunteers have been working in Mangere and the Hawkes Bay.

    You may have seen the rescue of Olly, the eleven year old Golden Retriever, from his flooded home. (Olly the dog saved from Hawke's Bay floodwaters by animal rescuers:

    In disaster situations, it's not easy to rescue animals like Olly. Rescues take skill, strategy and equipment. Your donations help to pay for equipment, and the training our volunteers need to do the job safely.

    Pigs, cats, sheep, chickens, and horses -- our volunteers work with them all.

    Your donations also support the cost of volunteer deployments -- we have been sending skilled, trained volunteers to set up the Mangere and Hawkes Bay response.

    This includes our community outreach volunteers. Animal owners affected by the disaster need food, supplies, and advice for their animals. Our community hub volunteers have been there to help.

    A message from a Mangere woman who got help from Animal Evac: 'Thank you so so much. You guys have done such a fantastic job. Thank you on behalf of myself and my whole street. Hope you stay safe and much blessing your way.'

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  • Canterbury Floods 2021 Response

      31 May 2021
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    We have a team of over 12 disaster responders on the ground now in Canterbury. From locals to Northland, we have a specialist team including veterinarian, veterinary technician, animal control officer, military paramedic, swiftwater rescue specialists and more. The costs of these deployments is huge for us, but that is what we do - in fact helping animals in disasters is the only thing we do meaning we are always ready and able to respond. But we need your help, just like we helped our Australian mates in last year's bushfires, we are counting on the community to help us so we can help animals. Though we support MPI as the lead agency, current government funding rules do not extend to charities like us helping during disaster - so we need donations. Please help us, to help disaster affected animals.

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    • 01/06/2021 by jennifer

      Where do we donate?

      There is no link??

    • 07/06/2021 by Animal Evac New Zealand Trust

      Apologies Jennifer! Thanks for the heads up :)

      Please donate via our main Animal Evac givealitte page here:

  • Animal Evac back home from Australia

      7 February 2020
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    We’ve been blown away over the last few weeks by the generous donations and kind messages we have received.

    While it was hard work in Australia, the team had some great successes. They carried out animal search and rescues in recently burnt areas and helped a community prepare to evacuate. To read updates from the fires deployment, check out the news section of the Animal Evac website

    As our deployment to Australia has ended, donations coming in will be used to support Animal Evac’s work in New Zealand and our response to future disasters. Donating now is a great way to make sure that when disaster strikes, Animal Evac is ready to act and make sure no animal is left behind.

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  • Australia Fires 2020

      7 January 2020
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    We are responding to help the animals as NZ's largest animal disaster management charity, our specialist team is heading over to NSW. Check out or for more details.

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  • So just so you know, we have Charities Commission application pending

      17 June 2018

    Thanks to the amazing news coverage, we have had loads of support and interest. We have had one question about why aren't we on the Charities Register? Well that's because we just formed two weeks ago and the application is in. But we have linked this application confirmation to give you peace of mind. We have been moderated by Give-a-Little who have checked to ensure our Charitable Trust (under Charitable Trusts Act 1957) has been approved.!Avjg4VmEC5S0jYZ3kOZkCzndTn9VNA

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