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Animal Evac New Zealand Trust

  • Australia Fires 2020     7 January 2020
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    We are responding to help the animals as NZ's largest animal disaster management charity, our specialist team is heading over to NSW. Check out or for more details.

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  • So just so you know, we have Charities Commission application pending     17 June 2018

    Thanks to the amazing news coverage, we have had loads of support and interest. We have had one question about why aren't we on the Charities Register? Well that's because we just formed two weeks ago and the application is in. But we have linked this application confirmation to give you peace of mind. We have been moderated by Give-a-Little who have checked to ensure our Charitable Trust (under Charitable Trusts Act 1957) has been approved.!Avjg4VmEC5S0jYZ3kOZkCzndTn9VNA

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