Arts Connections Oceania

Arts Connections Oceania

Arts Connections Oceania programmes (Ethno New Zealand , Global Ethno Exchanges and Transglobal Music Sessions) welcomes your support!


We are the proud organisers behind Ethno New Zealand since 2018, and now we're thrilled to introduce Arts Connections Oceania! 🌏 Our mission is to foster intercultural connectivity and understanding among communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. We do this by providing a platform for traditional and cultural creative expressions.

Here's what you'll find under our umbrella:

🎵 Ethno New Zealand

🌍 Transglobal Music Sessions

💡 Global Exchanges

📚 Professional Development Programs

🤝 A Community of Practice & Concerts

Arts Connections Oceania programmes provide a safe environment for people to share their musical and traditional stories through music and have deeper conversations relating to Belonging.

A project like ours offers a space and a beacon of hope and joy. When we make the effort to create the right environment for intercultural dialogue, acceptance and belonging the whole community can benefit.

More about us

The cornerstone programme of Arts Connections Oceania is Ethno New Zealand, a global youth music programme, from which our kaupapa draws it's grounding. The trust works to create safe spaces for the arts community to share and learn from one another.

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Ethno New Zealand Sponsorship Pack  30 November 2023

Ethno New Zealand 2024 needs your support!

Running such an event incurs some significant costs. Including transportation, food, accommodation, and performance expenses (venue hire, sound equipment, and personnel), it costs Ethno New Zealand around $2,000 for each participant to attend, with non-scholarship participants paying up to $600 of that.

Ethno New Zealand would not be able to run without the generous input from sponsors, and so we are reaching out to the wider community.

To fully cover all costs for Ethno New Zealand 2024, we are looking to raise a total of $60,000. Some of that has been raised already, can you help us to make up the rest?

Here are some ways that you can support our event, and what your support could go towards:

Buy us a coffee: $5

Buy us a meal: $25

Transport a participant: $100

Get a participant into the festival: $300

Buy us all a meal: $600

Accommodate a participant: $1,000

Sponsor a participant: $2,000

Sponsor a mentor: $3,000

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Latest donations

Malcolm on 14 Dec 2023
Arts Connections Oceania

The warmest thank you Malcolm! Your support means a lot to us. 🙏

Arts Connections Oceania
ambika on 04 Nov 2023
Love this so much! Hope this helps keep it on its feet!
Arts Connections Oceania

Wow, huge thank you Ambika! We appreciate your support so much! 🙏❤️

Arts Connections Oceania
Silia on 02 Nov 2023
Arts Connections Oceania

The warmest thank you Silia! Your support means a lot to us. 🙏❤️

Arts Connections Oceania
Natsuki on 31 Oct 2023
Sorry for small amount, hope it bit helps💗
Arts Connections Oceania

Huge thank you Natsuki! 💗

Arts Connections Oceania
Jack on 12 Sep 2023
Arts Connections Oceania

Thank you so much Jack! We appreciate your support so much.

Arts Connections Oceania

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