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  • Ethno New Zealand Sponsorship Pack

      30 November 2023
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    Ethno New Zealand 2024 needs your support!

    Running such an event incurs some significant costs. Including transportation, food, accommodation, and performance expenses (venue hire, sound equipment, and personnel), it costs Ethno New Zealand around $2,000 for each participant to attend, with non-scholarship participants paying up to $600 of that.

    Ethno New Zealand would not be able to run without the generous input from sponsors, and so we are reaching out to the wider community.

    To fully cover all costs for Ethno New Zealand 2024, we are looking to raise a total of $60,000. Some of that has been raised already, can you help us to make up the rest?

    Here are some ways that you can support our event, and what your support could go towards:

    Buy us a coffee: $5

    Buy us a meal: $25

    Transport a participant: $100

    Get a participant into the festival: $300

    Buy us all a meal: $600

    Accommodate a participant: $1,000

    Sponsor a participant: $2,000

    Sponsor a mentor: $3,000

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