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Let us create a beautiful and functional Masjid in the centre of Auckland - New Zealand's biggest city and present the beauty of Islam.

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No permanent, stand-alone prayer facility currently exists in the middle of Auckland - the busiest area in the country. Fridays mean overfilled halls and educational prayer spaces for those wanting to perform Friday Prayers.

Al Hikmah Trust has been conducting Friday Prayers for central Aucklanders and delivering services to the community for over a decade and is a registered charity with the New Zealand Government. They are a professional organisation led by Sheikh Rafat Najm, a highly respected, skilled and qualified Imam and community leader.

We encourage brothers and sisters to hasten our good deeds, participate in setting up this beautiful Masjid for all of New Zealand to admire and serve the needs of the growing Muslim population. Not only will this Masjid serve prayer needs but also be a hub for learning, social services and community interaction. We wish to host you here one day and introduce you to this wonderful city and it's people.

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A large building in Auckland's CBD to meet the Muslim communities needs will cost anywhere from $2 million to $10 million.

Initially Al Hikmah Trust would like to purchase a small building to enter the property market and eventually trade it up for a larger space until the communities needs are met.

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Found a candidate property  21 May 2020

Posted by: Al Hikmah Trust

On this 27th Ramadan we found a good candidate property, may the barakah of Ramadan makes it easy for us to realise the acquisition of the property. Be part of this process towards goodness, fastabiqul khayrat!

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