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Bike Auckland

Bike Auckland is the non profit organisation working for a better city for people on bikes.


Here's an opportunity to power the work of the non-profit that's working for a more bike-friendly region for all of us.

We're out here on streets all across the region growing the number of safe cycleways, so that more of our community can cycle to work, school, shops, cafes, parks, and sports, and for fun.

It's getting better out there. And, as the bike data shows, more Aucklanders are out on bikes than ever before.

But you know as well as we do, there's a long way to go. You deserve safer spaces to ride, and kinder streets to live on, and you deserve them now. That's our mission.

For two decades, since our origins as Cycle Action Auckland, Bike Auckland has been behind every win on the ground for Aucklanders on bikes. Our advocacy helped bring you the beloved pink path (Te Ara i Whiti/ Lightpath) and the Urban Cycleways Programme. We fought for – and won – the new Waterview Shared Path, and we've helped nurture Tāmaki Drive into dedicated cycleway, separate from pedestrians.

There’s much more to come, and so much more to do. That's why we'd love you to back our work: so we can keep smoothing the way on behalf of you and all Aucklanders on bikes.

How Bike Auckland speaks up for you:

We advocate for safe streets and protected, connected cycleways so Aucklanders – young and old and in-between – can ride with confidence.

We activate the community of people on bikes via vital campaigns (like Vote Bike), supporting local-led community action through our Bike Burbs, and family-friendly events like Pōhutukawa Pedal.

We advise city leaders and transport agencies about bike-smart street design, so that more people have the safe choice to use bikes to get from A to B.

Every day, we guide our city towards a better future: a lively, friendly, healthy place where going by bike is a natural and appealing everyday choice for Aucklanders of all ages. With your help, we'll get there faster.

More about us

Bike Auckland is the non-profit organisation working for a better region for people on bikes.

Use of funds

Funds raised will go towards supporting Bike Auckland’s work for a more bikeable city.

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