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Auckland Medical Museum Trust was formed in 2014 to bring a medical museum to Auckland. Brave Hearts is the first step towards that goal.

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  Auckland Our History Youth Heroes

We know our sporting heroes inspire young New Zealanders. And we know that international success encourages our youth to achieve.

But how many of us know about New Zealand’s history of world-class achievements by dedicated young heart surgeons and their teams?

It was Sir Douglas Robb’s 1948 series of successful operations on “blue babies” which first captured the imagination of the public.

By the 1950s a revolution was about to break on the world’s operating tables. New practices and new technology launched an exciting era for cardiac surgery internationally.

Brave Hearts, the first exhibition by the Auckland Medical Museum trust will display and tell the story of New Zealand’s first heart-lung bypass machine that changed everything.

We celebrate the brave medical pioneers who rode a new wave of medicine to learn and teach how to repair the damaged hearts of newborn babies, children and adults.

And we want everyone to know more about the heart, what can go wrong, what can be done to fix the problem, and what we can do to prevent problems in the first place.

The progress in cardiology and all the specialisations involved in heart surgery over the last 60 years is astonishing.

We believe New Zealand’s pioneering story of bravery, teamwork and commitment must be told. That is why our first exhibition is called Brave Hearts.

More about us

The Auckland Medical Museum Trust (AMMT) was formed in 2014 with the objective of bringing a medical museum to the Auckland community.

Brave Hearts is the first tangible step towards a dedicated medical museum that will showcase our medical achievements and inspire future generations.

Use of funds

We believe that every New Zealander, especially young people and children should know about the pioneering history of heart surgery in this country. Therefore Brave Hearts will travel all over New Zealand and inspire the next generation to consider a career in medicine or science with a dedicated school program.

Funds raised will be used to help with operational cost such as transport and set up as well as necessary maintenance of the exhibits themselves.

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Heart to Heart - Cardiology in New Zealand  7 November 2017

Posted by: Auckland Medical Museum Trust

We are very excited to host our first Brave Hearts Talk: some of Auckland's most innovative cardiologists are coming together to tell us about the past, present and future of heart disease and its treatment. Join us on Nov 28th at AUT!

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