Partnering with the people of Vanuatu in education and health to explore, build and sustain a future of their own choosing.

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The Butterfly Trust works with less privileged communities in Vanuatu. It focuses on health and education. Its education programmes are both academic and vocational.

The Trust works closely with other organisations to ensure duplication of resources and programmes is minimised.

All donations to the Trust are used 100% for programme work. There are no deductions for administrative costs from donations.

PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY so we can support as many less-privileged communities as possible.

Please visit our website at for more information, or for a thumbnail sketch of our work, read below.

More on the Butterfly Trust:

Since 2010, Butterfly Trust has established community development projects in education and health to assist remote communities in Vanuatu.

The Butterfly Trust is a New Zealand registered charity that works with village and urban communities.

The Trust's main objective is sustainable community development through individual empowerment and the strengthening of local structures and systems.

Specific projects include:

• Cyclone Pam relief and recovery work, in particular 'Build Back Safer' building education integrated with reconstruction and repair of cyclone ravaged buildings.

• Facilitating kindergarten teacher training and development for remote and outer island kindergartens in Vanuatu.

• "HELP GIVE A VILLAGE A FUTURE" - A secondary school fee subsidy scheme (2012 - 16) and academic and hardship scholarships (2017 onwards) for students from the Maskelyne Islands, southeast Malekula, Vanuatu.

• Providing materials and resources for the development of schools, kindergartens and health facilities eg. solar power equipment, building materials, tools, dental equipment, educational resources.

• Vocational training skills eg. basic electrical and maintenance of solar power equipment, community building courses.

• Facilitating medical and dental volunteers to support and complement services at remote health facilities, integrating clinical, preventative and training components.

• Setting up a permanent dental clinic at Lamap Health Centre, south Malekula, Vanuatu, in partnership with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health.

• Partnering with local Vanuatu oral health awareness group - Vanuatu Oral Health Awareness (VOHA) to promote oral health and hygiene in schools and communities.

• Strengthening village community health education on the islands of Tongoa, Ambae and Malekula in Vanuatu.

Contact Trustees David and Lynn Colbert


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Butterfly Trust


The Butterfly Trust is a New Zealand registered charity. Since 2010, the Trust has been working in Vanuatu.

The Butterfly Trust works at improving access to, and improving the quality of, basic education and health. It partners with local communities, national and provincial government authorities and other non-governmental organisations.

The Butterfly Trust has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Vanuatu Ministries of Health and Education to carry out its work in Vanuatu.

The Trust believes in sharing resources, ideas, spirit and thought, to build a more equal and harmonious world community.


Learn more about the activities of the Butterfly Trust by going to the following link:

The Trustees of the Butterfly Trust are David and Lynn Colbert. Contact David and Lynn on

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