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Community Cat Coalition Trust (Supported by the SPCA)

  • It's kitten season!!!

      27 September 2020
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    It’s spring and the Community Cat Coalition is being besieged with requests for help with stray female cats on heat attracting unneutered male cats, stray pregnant cats and stray cats desperately trying to care for the kittens they’ve given birth to, under whatever shelter they’ve been able to find. We focus on prevention – getting as many stray (or ‘community’) cats as possible de-sexed before they re-produce this season.

    But COVID has significantly reduced the money CCC has for de-sexing this year, meaning that more unwanted, often sickly kittens will be born, and face a very uncertain future.

    So Bob Kerridge, founder of the Community Cat Coalition and past CEO of the SPCA, asks you to consider donating whatever you can spare, whenever you can, over the next little while, so that we can make this much needed de-sexing happen as soon as possible.

    Bob: "The lives of cats are priceless and very precious, so how do you calculate a value for each one? The Community Cat Coalition works tirelessly every week to care for stray and abandoned cats in Auckland and they need your help to carry on."

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  • October 2018

      26 October 2018

    Summer is almost upon us and with it the peak period for un-spayed cats to produce kittens, often more than one litter over a period of just a few months . We would love to be able to spay a few more before the season really ramps up - now would be a great time to donate!!

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