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Chisnallwood Intermediate School

Our goal is for all students to have access to learn an instrument from a specialist teacher at school.

The pre-teen years are a fantastic time to invest in music learning. The brain is growing as fast as it did in pre-school years so they are able to learn and grow a lot. Music learning also helps the brain develop and helps other areas of school work. Students have time, and are physically big enough to invest into practice. They often make life-long friendships, play in ensembles together and become much better prepared for secondary school and teenage years.

Our goal is for all students to have access to learn an instrument from a specialist teacher at school on the instrument of their choice.

The limited funding we have does not cover enough tuition time for music specialists to stay and teach all the keen students. Some families can afford to pay for music lessons, some simply cannot in our school community. We certainly don't want finance to be the barrier for any young musicians - so that is why we have set up the sponsorship fund!

We have worked for 20 years gradually building up instruments for the students to learn on which can also use to be part of music groups. All our music ensembles are free to join.

This fund is specifically for those students at Chisnallwood who would be unable to take music lessons on an instrument without financial support.

Full cost lessons range from about $10 - $25 per week.

Thank you for investing into the musical development and potential of a young musician!

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Established as a Junior High School, Chisnallwood is specifically designed to meet the needs of students in their pre-adolescent years.

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