CUE Haven Community Trust

CUE Haven Community Trust

Help ensure the community will always enjoy the flourishing CUE Haven community native forest reserve without ever paying an entry fee.


The CUE Haven Community Trust owns and operates CUE Haven--a former dairy farm restored into a native NZ forest reserve by the community for the community. Since 2008, the community has worked together to create a green space for current and future generations and over 4500 volunteers have planted in excess of 170,000 trees and built 4km of walking tracks.

Thanks to the efforts of these volunteers and our plant and animal pest control efforts, CUE Haven has become a flourishing native forest where visitors can see and hear a variety of native birds and enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of a walk in the bush along a now restored stream.

The 60+ acre property also has two pre-European settlement archaeological sites of historical and cultural significance, and CUE Haven’s mission is to provide a green space which the entire community can use for education and quiet enjoyment free of charge --- now and in the future.

Your donation will help ensure that visitors to CUE Haven do not ever have to pay an entry fee.

All general donations via this page are being deposited in the CUE Haven Endowment Fund -- a professionally managed pool of money where the capital is preserved and will continue to grow in perpetuity. Only the investment income earned by the Endowment Fund will be used for the operating expenses.

Your donation to CUE Haven is a gift that will keep on giving into the future -- an Enduring Legacy which will help ensure that current and future generations will always enjoy, free of charge, a well maintained, native forest reserve with thriving native bird, invertebrate and aquatic life.

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CUE Haven--Community Native Forest Reserve

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