Mini Ha Ha Horse Haven Charitable Trust

Mini Ha Ha Horse Haven Charitable Trust

Our mission statement is"Changing the world for horses one day at a time" especially horses with laminitis and/or Cushings disease.


Mini Ha Ha Horse Haven was created in April 2012 by husband and myself but as time as gone on it became apparent that there were many many little minis that needed our help and we have recently become a Charitable Trust so we can reach more horses and also try to empower people with knowledge about laminitis and also the special care that wee mini horses need. We also help owners re home and take in abandon , abused and neglected minis and ponys.

The the weekly cost just for basic needs being met like Hoof trimming, Dentist visits, worming, Hay and Chaff is $25-00 to $30 a week per horses depending on its size. Things like the vet, blood tests, worm count tests,Chiropractor treatments, halters, covers, feed bowls etc is not included in this weekly amount per pony. We estimate the cost of running the Haven currently for basic things is approx $59,000-00 a year

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Mini Ha Ha Horse Haven is based in Fernside North Canterbury and is a safe place for miniature horses,ponies and donkeys that mostly are unwanted,abused, neglected, laminitic, cushings or abandon on property's that are rescued and come to The Haven to heal and rehab while we look for amazing forever homes when they are able to be adopted out however many will always live at the Haven due to being chronic laminitic sufferers. We specialize in Laminitis and have healed many many wee minis over the last nearly years and currently have 20 under our care.

It costs us over $59,000 a year to run the Haven and that is just the basics and doesn't cover the costs of vets or chiropractor treatments and the many unexpected cost that arise from having laminitic horses and Cushing Horses.

We would love the help of New Zelanders so that we can continue with our work which also focus's on empowering horse owners with the knowledge of how to care for a horse with Laminitis and Cushings and how to avoid it too.....

We help owners of all sized horses not just minis !!!!!

We also are very heavily involved in the community and especially eldery & youth helping making a difference in their life especially with so many youth suffering from anxiety and or mental health challenges.

We are a place of healing for not only horses but humans alike ....

Come visit our fb page Mini Ha Ha Horse Haven

Please help us raise the $120,000 we need for the next 2 years to keep the wee guys in a safe happy environment and help our youth and elderly in the community

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Harry Potter   20 April 2019

This dear wee boy aged 4 years old arrived at The Haven with chronic Founder and owners were considering putting him to sleep due to the pain he was in. We picked Harry up on Jan 22nd hardly able to take a step...We had to lift one hoof at a time to get him to walk from the barn he was in to the float to bring him to The Haven and this was with the pain relief we had given him. He could hardly stand and the trip to us in the float was long and slow. On arrival he could hardly stand and we desperately tried to find a body sling that we could hold him up with till he was able to hold his own body weight up.

He was three times the size he should have been and the weight he carried added to the founder state he was in..... it was a miracle that we were able to rehabilitate him .

Harry, well he was a fighter and so were we and we are proud to say that 3 months on to the day 22nd April Harry Potter can trot, canter, gallop and buck !!!!

A truly amazing turn around and one of our toughest founder rehab's ...we are so proud of Harry not only for his recovery with Founder but the amount of weight he has lost.

The best news ever too is that he is off to his new home where once his new hooves are grown down in 12 months and he has lost a bit more weight he will be a wee cart and riding pony for Grandchildren...what a lucky & Blessed boy Wee Harry Potter is !!!!!

Photo is arrival day the Gallery there are other photos through his progress.

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