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  • Harry Potter

      20 April 2019
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    This dear wee boy aged 4 years old arrived at The Haven with chronic Founder and owners were considering putting him to sleep due to the pain he was in. We picked Harry up on Jan 22nd hardly able to take a step...We had to lift one hoof at a time to get him to walk from the barn he was in to the float to bring him to The Haven and this was with the pain relief we had given him. He could hardly stand and the trip to us in the float was long and slow. On arrival he could hardly stand and we desperately tried to find a body sling that we could hold him up with till he was able to hold his own body weight up.

    He was three times the size he should have been and the weight he carried added to the founder state he was in..... it was a miracle that we were able to rehabilitate him .

    Harry, well he was a fighter and so were we and we are proud to say that 3 months on to the day 22nd April Harry Potter can trot, canter, gallop and buck !!!!

    A truly amazing turn around and one of our toughest founder rehab's ...we are so proud of Harry not only for his recovery with Founder but the amount of weight he has lost.

    The best news ever too is that he is off to his new home where once his new hooves are grown down in 12 months and he has lost a bit more weight he will be a wee cart and riding pony for Grandchildren...what a lucky & Blessed boy Wee Harry Potter is !!!!!

    Photo is arrival day the Gallery there are other photos through his progress.

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