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A unique way of building confidence and learning life skills by doing farm tasks, and by partnering with our friendly horses and donkeys.

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One or two vulnerable children with a leader and our amazing ponies or donkey's. Concentrated time for fun and learning, farm jobs experience, confidence building, hands-on experience in a relaxed environment. We explore topics such as Trust, Communication, Friendships and Facing Fears. As students work with our ponies and donkeys, they learn skills, emotional resilience and build confidence in a tangible way. Students don’t need to have had experience with horses.

“Thank you for what you did for my grandson, He absolutely enjoyed learning how to care for the horses, and he will miss playing with the dogs.” (Grandmother who has fostered her grandson) This boy was removed from his parents care due to extreme neglect.

“I love Krista, she is awesome, I wish I could work with her every day of the week!” 10 yr old boy. (Krista is one of our Kaimanawa ponies). This boy had seen his mother shot at and attacked with a sword. She was doing her very best to raise her children whilst struggling with mental health challenges.

“This afternoon I liked leding the hourse and poonys, and patting them. Lerning heaps about hourses and poonys, (as he wrote it) 10yrs. ('J' had lived in a home where alcohol and abuse was a common. His mother became a single parent with 4 boys after his father was murdered through gang connections) She was trying her hardest to parent these boys after his death and led her family away from that culture into a new way of life.

Funds contributed go to Operational expenses - staff, running costs of farm, horse feed and care, office/admin expenses. Without these we would not be able to operate.

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We provide unique opportunities for vulnerable youth and woman to ‘partner’ with our ponies. Vulnerable children are more likely to make poor choices in terms of friends, lifestyle, and education. Students learn life skill and confidence.

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Private Donor
Private Donor on 23 Feb 2021
To be used where it is most needed to enable His work to continue!
Hope Rising Farm Charitable Trust

Thank you so much for your kind donation. We are extremely grateful for your support. If you haven't already, Please check out both our FB page and website: #Hope Rising Farm Charitable Trust www.hoperisingfarm.org.nz

Hope Rising Farm Charitable Trust
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 19 Feb 2021
Towards the life changing work you do with youth!
Hope Rising Farm Charitable Trust

Thank you so much for your kind donation. We greatly appreciate your support.

Hope Rising Farm Charitable Trust
Private Donor
Private Donor on 13 Oct 2020
Anonymous on 25 Jul 2020
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Guest Donor on 05 Dec 2019

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