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Help conserve the interior of the historic Maher-Gallagher Cottage located at Howick Historical Village, not-for-profit museum in Auckland

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Howick Historical Village is the only Museum in Auckland to represent how early settler life, with particular emphasis on the fencible migration, was like. With over 30 buildings on site, the amount of historic buildings exposed in the climate require ongoing maintenance and care, means the Village relies heavily on grants from trusts and local council. Since its establishment, Howick Historical Village has benefited from strong community support from all over Auckland, as shown by its 120 volunteers.

The Howick Historical Village does not receive any core funding from the regional museum infrastructure and is not supported through public good rates, however it does receive an arts and cultural grant from the Howick Local Board and is run on an independent income and the generous support of individuals, trusts, foundations and companies.

Maher-Gallagher Cottage which was built in 1848 is the next focus of the village, it is of great importance for its potential to provide information about building construction techniques, materials, interior finishes, and details, as well as the standard of accommodation provided for the Fencible families.

We have been able to complete the restoration of the exterior of the cottage due to a grant from Foundation North in 2017.

However for this magnificent cottage to be opened up to the public we need to conserve the interior by using a specialised heritage paper conservator so that we can conserve the many layers of history and prevent from it deteriorating further.

To do this requires painstaking meticulous work, including being aware when working with toxic components - some of the wallpaper could have black mould due to the old flour paste adhesive the fencibles used to fix the paper to the wall.

Your donation will support vital conservation to this cottage to ensure that future generations can experience the story of the Fencibles and early settlers in Auckland.

Use of funds:

Looking after our collections for the future is the cornerstone of everything we do. It is one of our biggest responsibilities and an ongoing challenge. Your donations will help us to care and maintain for all aspects of the Village and exhibits. We are constantly faced with new and unexpected challenges and without ongoing protections, the unique story of the Fencibles and early settlers will be lost forever.

Organisation details:

The Society has developed the Howick Historical Village and members have free admission, except for special occasions. There are over 30 authentic buildings including a thatched sod cottage, forge, village store, school, church and settler's dwellings.

The Howick Historical Village is always looking for enthusiastic people to assist in the development of the not-for-profit museum.

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