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K9MD will use specifically trained dogs for the non-invasive early detection of cancer and other diseases.

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K9 Medical Detection NZ (K9MD) was created by Pauline Blomfield. With a strong belief that a dog’s incredible sense of smell could be used as a non-invasive diagnostic tool in medicine, and a large dose of ‘kiwi can do’ attitude, Pauline embarked on a relentless journey to fulfil her vision. It seemed everyone had a heart-breaking story of losing a friend or loved one, and the common phrase was always, “if only we had known sooner”. Using dogs for the early detection of cancer and other diseases is operating successfully overseas, Pauline was determined a similar programme should be available here in New Zealand. Supported by a couple of talented like-minded friends Pauline established the K9 Medical Detection New Zealand Charitable Trust. Two years later K9MD now has a full medical advisory team; an international scent detection expert to review their work; Otago University as the official research partner; a training facility in the North Island complete with a laboratory for the storing and handling of all medical samples; specifically designed scent detection equipment; an adult dog ready to start work and an eight-month old puppy in the K9MD puppy development programme.

To move forward and turn Pauline’s vision of having specialised trained dogs to help save lives K9MD really needs your help. Here are just a few of the capital and on-going expenses:

Monthly rental for the North Island facility

Use of an autoclave for the sterilisation of equipment

Video camera to record all scent detection training for international expert review

Computer to record all data for the Biostatistician

Manufacture of specialised training equipment

Suitable housing and enclosures for our dogs (the care and welfare of K9MD dogs is our top priority)

Canine equipment for the K9MD ‘Fit to Work’ programme (dogs complete this prior to their scent detection work)

Enrichment equipment for dogs when not working

Quality dog food

Veterinary fees. All K9MD dogs are required to have a complete medical every 3 months

Official K9MD dog coats / leads / collars

Additional dogs and puppies

Qualified scent detection dog trainers

Transport of dogs and trainers.

K9MD’s initial work will be detecting prostate cancer in urine. This will be followed by the detection of ovarian cancer. The hope for the future is to have another facility in the South Island dedicated to the detection of infectious diseases, an ever-growing problem in today’s world. Together we can make a difference.

More about us

K9 MEDICAL DETECTION NEW ZEALAND is a registered charitable trust with the aim of improving the health of all New Zealanders by using specifically trained dogs to detect cancer and other diseases, assist individuals with a life-threatening medical condition and detect infectious diseases anywhere within New Zealand. To find out more go to: www.k9md.org.nz

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Latest donations

Bruce on 04 Aug 2020
Wonderful to hear of your work today at Friendship Club Alexandra
K9 Medical Detection NZ

Thank you so much Bruce. We really enjoyed our time with your club. Your donation is very much appreciated.

K9 Medical Detection NZ
John on 30 Jun 2020
Great work!
K9 Medical Detection NZ

Thank you so much for your kind donation John. It's very much appreciated.

K9 Medical Detection NZ
Ruth on 25 Feb 2020
awesome work Pauline and K9 MDNZ
Kay on 18 Feb 2020
K9 Medical Detection NZ

Thank you so much for your kind donation. We are very grateful.

K9 Medical Detection NZ
Sue on 10 Dec 2019
For my sister Natalie.
K9 Medical Detection NZ

Thank you so much for your donation. We are very grateful.

K9 Medical Detection NZ

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