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Kaimanawa Heritage Horses

  • 2021 Muster Update

      31 March 2021
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    The 2021 muster, scheduled to take place in late April, will see another 206 horses potentially removed from the ranges.

    Our goal this year is to increase the number of trainers we can include in our annual Freedom to Friendship Stallion Challenges, so we can not only place as many stallions into homes as possible but so that we can increase the number of trainers available to us in the future for handling horses.

    With 6 trainers vying for a position as our wild card trainer at this year's competition, for every $1500 we can raise, we can place another stallion and take on another wild card trainer.

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  • 2020 Kaimanawa Wild Horse Muster

      8 March 2020

    110 horses are to be removed from the mid April 2020 muster.

    As most of the country has been in drought, plus so many Kaimanawas already in captivity, this year it is a real struggle to find homes for these horses and we need your help more than ever!

    KHH has come up with a few ways to save as many as possible this year.

    We are running another Stallion Challenge Training Initiative. Stallions must go to experienced people so we are offering top trainers, who we trust, $1500 per stallion they take on. This covers the purchase price, transport to their place, castration of the stallion, and some feed, farrier and vet costs.

    - For every $1500 we get donated, we will be able to place another stallion with a suitable trainer.

    We will put an album with all the trainers and links to their pages on Facebook and our website so that their progress can be followed.

    - For every $2500 we raise, we shall place a pregnant older mare with an approved, experienced trainer. This money donated will go towards handling, care and foaling costs to get the mare and her foal to a standard where they are well handled to then be placed into permanant homes. These mare's will have to stay with their trainer for at least a year while they safely raise their foals.

    - Help get horses into suitable homes in the South Island.

    Horses going to the south island must have basic handling in the North Island first due to health and safety issues concerning traveling of wild horses. This makes it super expensive for people in the South Island wanting to take on a wild kaimanawa. On top of paying for handling, they also need to pay approximately $600 per horse to travel them

    down there.

    With each donation that is made to KHH, we will subsidise transport for each of these horses by $200 to help make it more affordable.

    Your help is much appreciated to help us achieve our goal to place every horse mustered into the best homes possible to give them the best start to domestic life! Thank you!

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  • Thank you

      7 April 2016

    Thank you everyone for your support. Applications for horses have now closed, and we had a rush of applicants towards the end - so things are looking good for the upcoming muster.

    We're busy sorting through applications and performing home and reference checks, and doing final preparations for the muster at the end of the month.

    Make sure you follow our facebook page where you'll be able to see updates about the horses you've helped support. We also hope to get pictures and stories from new Kaimanawa owners, so there will be plenty to see.

    Your donations will help us care for any extra horses we take from the muster, and in time, once they're ready, we will find new homes for them.

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  • 2016 Muster Mares and Foals

      24 March 2016
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    The muster is approaching fast and only a few applications for horses have been received by Easter.

    It is likely that some of the foals mustered this year will be too young to wean. Kaimanawa Heritage Horses would like to take care of as many of them and their mothers as we are able, until they are old enough to wean and rehome.

    Each horse will cost KHH $200 per month in feed and care. This covers things like feed, hay, wormers, dentist, farrier, vet bills, and castration if required.

    We are trying to raise funds to support these horses for at least one year at a total of $2400 per horse.

    You will be able to follow the progress of these horses and all the others under our care on our website and facebook page.

    This is a great opportunity for you to help save horses if you are not able to take one on yourself.

    For more details, email

    Let’s help save more horses!

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  • 2016 Muster

      16 March 2016
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    The next DoC muster of Kaimanawa horses has been brought forward and we have only a few weeks to find homes for as many as we can.

    We expect DoC will be removing move than 100 horses, so we have a big job ahead of us. If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in re-homing a horse from the muster, please visit our website at , email us at, or give one of our representatives a call on 09-431-6111 or 07-823-6099.

    You can still help, even if you can't rehome a horse yourself, by making a donation. Donations go towards horses in our care; supporting the domesticated Kaimanawa horses; and promoting the Kaimanawa horses.

    Thank you for your support

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