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Kaimanawa Heritage Horses is dedicated to the care and protection of Kaimanawa horses in both the wild and domestic environments.

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With the 2021 muster fast approaching, and 206 horses targeted for removal this year, we are raising money to ensure as many horses as possible find a new future. With applications closing soon, we still have to find homes for around 110 horses.

This year, our Stallion Challenge Competition has proven popular, with our trainers willing to take on a student to help us grow the next generation of kaimanawa trainers. We have also had public nominations for 6 wild card trainers which would help us save the lives of up to 24 stallions.

We need your help. For every $1500 we raise, another stallion can be placed with a trainer, and our availability of potential trainers increases for each subsequent year. By helping us cover this cost, we would be able to accept all of the wild card trainers nominated and save as many horses as possible as well as future-proofing our potential to help save these horses over the coming years.

The stallion challenge competition is our chance to showcase the trainability and willingness of the kaimanawa horses to the world and to help increase exposure to the wonderful nature of kaimanawa horses.

KHH History

Every year the population of wild Kaimanawa horses is reduced to 300 by aerial mustering. We search for suitable homes for these horses and offer our support to the people who take the horses, and the horses themselves, through our welfare team and area representatives.

Since the musters began in the 1990s we have rehomed thousands of Kaimanawa horses. In 2012 we helped save 119 of the 191 horses that were mustered, and since 2014 every horse suitable to rehome has been saved. We organise an annual show where people can show their amazing Kaimanawas; publish a magazine; organise trips to see the wild horses, and promote the Kaimanawa horses as great all-round riding ponies.

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Annually the population of wild Kaimanawa horses is reduced to 300 by aerial mustering. We search for suitable homes for these horses, rehoming as many as possible.

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2021 Muster Update  31 March 2021

Posted by: Kaimanawa Heritage Horses

The 2021 muster, scheduled to take place in late April, will see another 206 horses potentially removed from the ranges.

Our goal this year is to increase the number of trainers we can include in our annual Freedom to Friendship Stallion Challenges, so we can not only place as many stallions into homes as possible but so that we can increase the number of trainers available to us in the future for handling horses.

With 6 trainers vying for a position as our wild card trainer at this year's competition, for every $1500 we can raise, we can place another stallion and take on another wild card trainer.

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NICHOLLE BRUCE on 20 May 2021
Lyn Kriegler
Lyn Kriegler on 24 Apr 2021
Donation for adoption of Kaimanawa horse by Lyn Kriegler
NICHOLLE BRUCE on 20 Apr 2021
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Guest Donor on 11 Apr 2021
Please save these beautiful horses..my dream is to afford one!

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