The National Collective of Rape Crisis and Related Groups Aotearoa

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The National Collective works towards the elimination of sexual violence against women and children.

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We work to ensure that our centres provide services for all women and children regardless of race/creed/age/sexual orientation. As well as this, we work to sustain prevention education services that break down stereotyped attitudes towards rape and women.

We aim to support women in their self-healing and ensure, autonomy, self-determination, growth, personal growth, pride, confidence and self-esteem for all women.

The National Collective of Rape Crisis has been in operation for over thirty years acting as the umbrella organisation for a number of specialist sexual violence centres.

We do not work directly with male survivors but provide referral and advice, and support services for male survivors, such as MSSAT.

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    Sean Thompson on 31 Jan 2019



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    Laura on 25 Jan 2019


    I can't give much but after reading the account from one of the survivors of the RB's on The Spinoff I had to do something. The survivors of abuse have minimal, or sometimes no, support to navigate a life that is permanently altered by what has been done to them. So very often with the perpetrator walking free. Any place or organisation that is fighting to help survivors and calling to account the systems and culture that fails these people over and over again has my support. When I have more to give I will be back. Thank you for your work.


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    Anton on 25 Jan 2019



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    Wellington Pokemon Go Community on 21 Jan 2019


    This donation was raised through the monthly Wellington Pokemon Go Community Day.


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