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Uniting together against drink and drugged driving and supporting victims and their families in NZ. W:

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Together we can end Drunk and Drugged Driving for all of us in New Zealand

No One Ever Stands Alone or NESA is a registered charity organisation(#CC55917) dedicated to preventing road crashes by promoting sober and drug free driving in New Zealand.

All the funds raised will go towards our operating costs, growing our Ambassador programme and starting our Victim assistance initiatives this year. Want to directly help a victim or family? We also send We Care gifts to victims and their families to let them know they are loved and cared about during their darkest days.

You can partner with us with a 1 off donation or a regular monthly donation, its entirely up to you.

One of our key activities is the work we do to partnering with the NZ Police at their breath test checkpoints to reward drivers for driving sober and drug free on our roads. We also attend community events, organise walks, promote our message across our social media platforms and support victims and their families when they have suffered a car crash from a drunk or drugged driver.

When we all stand together, No One Ever Stands Alone.

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NESA is a charity dedicated to uniting together against drink and drugged driving and supporting victims and their families across New Zealand. We are a registered charity #CC55917.

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Our NESA 2021 Ambassador Team is underway!  29 March 2021

Posted by: The NESA Trust

Our NESA Ambassador team has started once again and we are so excited to make a difference on our roads by promoting sober and drug free driving.

We now have 12 volunteers on our 2021 team who are attending checkpoints with the NZ Police all around the Auckland region.

This last Saturday we were out at 9pm and saw a large volume of drivers who were sober behind the wheel and it was great to see.

Every time we reward a driver for driving sober, we know that we are preventing a road crash that night.

You might be wondering what else are we up to?

Well, we have a Road Safety walk planned for Sat 15 May at Mission Bay in Auckland to raise awareness of road safety and we are also working with our team leader for the Nelson region to get our Ambassador programme up and running down there.

We are also keen to launch our Victims Assistance programme this year which was put on hold due to Covid last year. This Victim Assistance programme is a variety of ways victims and or their families can get the help they need when they have been impacted by a drunk or drugged driver.

So your support with NESA this year is necessary, we want to grow and continue to make a difference all over New Zealand.

Please continue to check out our updates and thank you for your support and donation to NESA, when we all stand together No One Ever Stands Alone.

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Latest donations

Nandagopal on 13 Mar 2021
I am donating so that drink drivers can get the help they needed most to avoid any more incidents in the future. Thanks.
The NESA Trust

Thank you so much for donating to NESA. Your donation to us says to victims and family members, they are not alone. We are grateful for donors like you who support our vision and mission and know that your donation DOES make a difference in the lives of New Zealanders. Leah Abrams CEO NESA

The NESA Trust
Sara on 23 Feb 2021
The NESA Trust

Sara, Thank you so much for your recent donation to NESA. Our charity promotes sober and drug free driving to change the lives of New Zealanders so that we all get home safely. We thank you for supporting our work this year and if you would like to learn more about us and how you can continue to make a difference with us please feel free to reach out to us on Your donation makes a difference in other peoples lives. thankyou

The NESA Trust
Adam on 13 Dec 2020
David on 04 Dec 2020
Congratulations on the great work you and your team are doing. You're making a difference in the lives of people and your community.
The NESA Trust

Thank you for your donation to NESA and supporting us as we make a difference in NZ to promote sober and drug free driving. Your support partners with us to do this.

The NESA Trust
Aalap on 09 Oct 2020
I do care for what and why I am donating. Hope that makes some difference.
The NESA Trust

Aalap On behalf of NESA, thank you for your generous donation to our organisation. Your donation helps us to reach more people to driver sober and drug free so that our roads are safer for all of us. We appreciate your support and contribution to No One Ever Stands Alone.

The NESA Trust

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