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NESA - No One Ever Stands Alone

  • Do you know what you can do?

      25 January 2022
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    Have you ever wondered what you can do? After 7 years of running NESA, I can safely say i definately didn't know what I could do when I started NESA. I also didn't know what a group of people, just like you, can do to make a difference. But, and here is the good news. After these last 2 years of the Pandemic, I have seen what people who support and believe in ending drunk and drugged driving can do.

    We can make a difference. With support from amazing people in the community, we have been able to run the Christmas Ambassador team in December and reward people for driving sober at the Police checkpoints.

    We have also been able to have 2 billboards up around Auckland just before Christmas to remind people to drive sober and drug free.

    And wait there is more. We have more to do, more work to do to raise awareness about drunk and drugged driving, more work to do this year to end drunk and drugged driving.

    And your support matters. Donate to NESA and see what you can do.

    Drive Sober and Drug Free this Summer from all of us at NESA.

    Leah Abrams


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  • Can you help us keep our roads safe for all of us?

      16 June 2021
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    Our Ambassador programme 2021 is up and running. These are dedicated volunteers who come out on a Saturday night and work with the NZ Police at their anti drunk driving checkpoints.

    We have seen a decline in donations this year and in order to fund this important work that we do and help fund our Victim Assistance programme, we need your support.

    Would you consider donating to us on a monthly basis or do you like chocolate? We are fundraising to support our work by selling yummy Whittakers chocolates. You can purchase yours for $2/each and there is 5 flavours to pick from. Head over to our website and find out more

    Thanks for your support, we couldn't do this without you!

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  • May Cheese!...Capturing our Progress

      3 May 2021
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    Hello NESA Supporter!

    Can you believe it is already May 2021? We can, as a charity we have hard a work these last few months rebuilding our NESA ambassador team. We now have 13 Volunteer Ambassadors who are going out regularly on weekends rewarding sober drivers for doing the right thing to keep our roads safe.

    We have also upgraded our technology and bought a laptop for our charity. This has been a 5 year process of our CEO using her old laptop to work on NESA and we put this on hold last year because of Covid and the impact it would have on our charity. We are so happy that we can now purchase one so that we connect better with our donors and supporters, like you and you and you.

    We are now looking to rebuild our We Care gifts, we need to find ways to be able support Victims and families across New Zealand and our intention is to begin our Victim Assistance Programme this year. We want people to know that in their darkest days, there is a company of people who support and care about them.

    If you want to continue to partner with us to rebuild our initiatives this year after last year, please donate and support us here or via our website

    We thank you for your support to NESA.

    Leah Abrams


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  • Our NESA 2021 Ambassador Team is underway!

      29 March 2021
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    Our NESA Ambassador team has started once again and we are so excited to make a difference on our roads by promoting sober and drug free driving.

    We now have 12 volunteers on our 2021 team who are attending checkpoints with the NZ Police all around the Auckland region.

    This last Saturday we were out at 9pm and saw a large volume of drivers who were sober behind the wheel and it was great to see.

    Every time we reward a driver for driving sober, we know that we are preventing a road crash that night.

    You might be wondering what else are we up to?

    Well, we have a Road Safety walk planned for Sat 15 May at Mission Bay in Auckland to raise awareness of road safety and we are also working with our team leader for the Nelson region to get our Ambassador programme up and running down there.

    We are also keen to launch our Victims Assistance programme this year which was put on hold due to Covid last year. This Victim Assistance programme is a variety of ways victims and or their families can get the help they need when they have been impacted by a drunk or drugged driver.

    So your support with NESA this year is necessary, we want to grow and continue to make a difference all over New Zealand.

    Please continue to check out our updates and thank you for your support and donation to NESA, when we all stand together No One Ever Stands Alone.

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  • 2021 NESA Ambassador team has started

      21 March 2021

    Our NESA Ambassador team 2021 has started. We went off last Saturday night and rewarded over 300 drivers for driving sober.

    We are super excited to be back with the NZ Police making a difference in our community.

    If you want to continue to make a difference to end drink and drugged driving in New Zealand come and join us as a NESA Ambassador. Get in touch with us and we would love to have you be part of our team.

    To continue to support NESA visit our website

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  • Merry Christmas from all of us at NESA

      11 December 2020
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    Well its been a crazy year, hasn't it? We are finally almost at Christmas but our work is not done. We are back out at the checkpoints with the NZ Police to promote sober driving during this Christmas season. People are heading to Christmas lunches, drinks and dinner and we want everyone to get home safely.

    We will be at the checkpoints around Auckland until a few days before Christmas.

    Our organisation isn't closing down this year and will continue to promote our mission and vision over the holiday period as we head into 2021.

    If you know someone who is impacted by a drunk or drugged driver this Christmas season get in touch with us as we can send a beautiful We Care gift to them to let them know that they are not alone. Or if you want to provide a We Care gift for someone, you can do that too.

    If you are heading out this Christmas season, please drive sober and drug free so you, your family and friends all get home safely.

    Thanks for your support and have a beautiful Christmas from all of us at NESA.

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  • NESA - our mission and vision

      4 September 2020

    What is NESA? No One Ever Stands Alone is a registered charity and we have created this short new video share who we are and what our vision is featuring our very own CEO.

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  • Exciting news

      12 June 2020
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    Dear Donors!

    As we head into the new normal and Level 1, we wanted to take a moment and let you know that we have 3 new trustees that are joining our NESA Board.

    This is an exciting time for our organisation and these 3 new members bring a wealth of interest, passion, experience and skills to our Board to continue to grow our organisation and our impact across NZ.

    Please follow us on our Facebook or Instagram for more detials and we look forward to sharing with you more updates about how we are going.

    Have a safe, sober and fun weekend ahead.


    Leah A



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  • We Care gifts - Hear the difference you can make

      3 May 2020
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    In 2018, we sent a We Care gift to Jan. Jan almost lost her life due to a drunk driver and it was a miracle she survived. Our We Care gift said to her, she is loved and not alone during a traumatic time her life.

    Fast track a few years later, Jan is supporting NESA vision by sharing her story at our 3rd birthday and being apart of our Board this year.

    We are so honored she believes in our vision and mission and your partnership by donating to NESA simple says to people, they are not alone.

    Jan is a testimony of bravery and committment to keep going and we are so grateful we know her and that she survived the car crash.

    Will you partner with us and end drunk and drugged driving in NZ? We may be in lockdown but people are still driving drunk or drugged on our roads, that isn't ending.

    Thank you

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  • Where are we today given Covid19?

      19 April 2020
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    We have big plans for this year and in particular one goal was to expand our Ambassador programme across New Zealand.

    Prior to the lockdown, we launched our Nelson, South Island based Ambassador team and our Auckland based teams were up and running for 2020 and back out on the streets with the NZ Police.

    We can't wait to be back out promoting sober driving and rewarding people for making the right decision but we will have to wait until its safe to do so.

    Our Victim Assistance goals for this year are underway and we will be looking to launch those in the coming months.

    We still have on going monthly expenses and we know there are still people suffering across our country due to a drunk or drugged driver.

    Come and partner with us and work to end drunk and drugged driving in NZ. Give today and make a difference for the future generations.

    When we all stand together, No One Ever Stands Alone.

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  • Driving Sober - Lead up to Christmas

      9 December 2019
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    Our teams are going are back out every weekend over Christmas promoting sober driving with the NZ Police.

    We have had over 15 volunteers come out to over 35 checkpoints all year, partnering with the NZ Police and making a difference to make NZ safer at checkpoints all over Auckland.

    The year isn't over yet and you can join our mission and help end drunk and drugged driving by donating as we work to end drunk and drugged driving in NZ.

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      5 August 2019

    For every donation, you help us let victims and their families know they are loved and cared about. This past 2 weeks, we have sent 4 We Care gifts to individuals across New Zealand and these last 2 donations will pay for 4 more We Care gifts to be delivered.

    Thank you for your help, your belief and support in our work does make a difference and we are so grateful. Feel free to sign up to our email list to get updates about our work .

    From all of us at NESA thank you!

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  • Thank you!

      14 July 2019

    We want to say a huge thank you to our recent donors. We appreciate your support and gift to help us make a difference in New Zealand.

    Your donation helps us send We Care gifts across New Zealand to families and individuals to let them know they are loved and cared about. In fact, we are organising a gift to go out to someone this week who has lost loved ones.

    If you would like to partner with us or learn more about the work we do, please get in touch

    Kind regards

    from the NESA team

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  • Hear from our volunteer Alex

      18 May 2019

    Alex has been a dedicated volunteer of our organisation and have shared a bit about what he does at the anti-drunk driving checkpoints with the NZ Police

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  • 2019 update, partner to grow our volunteer programme!

      27 April 2019
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    We had a huge year last year. Our Volunteer programme began with the NZ Police and we participated in 27 checkpoints across Auckland with the NZ Police.Over 8,000 drivers and passengers were rewarded for making the decision to drive sober behind the wheel when they went through the checkpoint.

    This year, we want to grow our Volunteer programme to 2 Auckland based teams and 1 new team outside of Auckland.

    It requires us getting 6 new hi-vis jackets, bags and baseball caps. We will also need to have double the amount of lollies and cards to hand out to the drivers and passengers at the checkpoints.

    Will you partner with us and support us financially so we can see our goals for our volunteer programme grow? The more people we can impact people with the message to drive sober, the closer we are to ending drink and drugged driving in NZ.

    Thank you for considering to support NESA!

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