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Pixies Animal Rescue Trust

  • June 2020 Update      1 July 2020
    Posted by: Pixies Animal Rescue Trust

    As you all know we survived COVID-19 as a charity. But it has been extremely hard on us like so many other rescues and of course businesses. Pixies rely solely on the generosity of our supporters., we receive no government funding at this stage. The Pixies Team would like to thank all our volunteers,family and of course our amazing supporters. Without you we would struggle even more, so again thank you, we totally appreciate all the on going support that we have been blessed with. As some of you may know, during Covid-19 we set about looking for a shop for our new venture Pixies Treasures. We are now up and running after a few set backs 😳😂 We are located at 5 Tamariki Avenue Orewa. We are still in need of signage and more volunteers but we are getting there. We have a full house of rescues both cats/kittens dogs/ puppies. Also we have massive vet bill, it is literally scaring us silly. So we thank everyone who makes a donation no matter how big or small. If you have not need to our rescue yet, please call or message us to make a time to come meet us! We would so love to see you all there soon 🥰

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  • Week Three Lockdown     18 April 2020
    Posted by: Pixies Animal Rescue Trust

    Just since lockdown! More to come! Done over 5000 kilometres, and yes Hannah don’t get your knickers in a twist, approval and safety measures were all in place, no vigilante shenanigans going on, ☺️. We have answered over 400 phone calls, texts and messages for help and assistance, we have placed kitten and cat traps in 24 locations, and awesome people keeping an eye and alerting us when something was caught, (usually midnight). We have delivered, distributed almost 2 tons of cat and dog food. Got $3250 donations. Spent $300 on gas, $398 on calve milk and supplies, $2000 at Vets North ($14 689.50 to go), $214 on cat/kitty litter, (thank you Linda Paul for getting us half a pallet👏👏), saves a lot. We spent $280 at Great South Vets to help pay for a dog attacked by strays, and $250 has gone to government to cover our diesel tax. This all since just lockdown. We absolutely couldn’t do it with the amazing food donations from PAW JUSTICE 👏👏. Those awesome individuals dropping food at the gate, and putting valuable dollars and cents into our account. Huge applause to our vet, Vets North Silverdale Vet Paula for always being there, after hours, in rain wind and cold days and after hours and for helping even tho the account is simply soaring. To each and everyone of our followers that keep an eye out for animal abuse, neglect and abandonment, a special applause for you!!

    Currently added: 4 adult cats, 17 kittens, 9 adult dogs and 13 puppies!!! Let’s pray that our fosters out there will turn into adoptions🤞. We have united 5 lost cats and 7 dogs with their owners. Phew! Thank you for donating to us xx The Pixie Team

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