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Project Island Song is the name given to the restoration of the ancient dawn chorus of Ipipiri, in the eastern Bay of Islands

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Bringing back the birdsong, note by note

Please support Project Island Song in its vision to restore the ancient dawn chorus of the islands of Ipipiri, and to create an archipelago of sanctuaries for all to enjoy.

After ten years hard work, Project Island Song is proud to be watching over seven pest-free islands in the Bay of Islands: Motuarohia (Roberton), Moturua, Motukiekie, Urupukapuka, Poroporo, Waewaetorea and Okahu. Keeping these islands pest-free requires constant vigilance and effort using a whole suite of tools that includes biosecurity, pest management, technology and advocacy.

This is where we need your help.

Your donation will allow us to apply funds where we really need them – at the heart of the Project Island Song operation: helping us to keep eyes and ears open; to continue support our day-to-day education and advocacy; to allow us to coordinate hundreds of volunteers who give thousands of hours, weeding, planting and monitoring reintroduced species to ensure their future.

A bit about us

Project Island Song is a partnership between Guardians of the Bay of Islands (charity no. CC25193) and hapu of the Eastern Bay of Islands Ngati Kuta and Patukeha, with participation from landowners and the Department of Conservation.

Project Island Song’s focus is restoring native ecosystems to support the return of twenty threatened and at risk species to the islands and adjacent mainland. It will also allow other native species to re-establish and thrive.

We see our work as an investment in our children’s future. To help them better understand this legacy we run an education programme in partnership with Kids Restore NZ. Our ‘Floating Classroom’ provides them with an exciting, hands-on learning experience and an important conservation message which they take home to their families.

Achievements so far…

Seven pest free islands

Over 1,000 pest management stations

Facilitation of over 3,000 hectares of mainland in pest control

More than 27,000 trees planted

Over 4,000 volunteer hours contributed annually

Reintroduction of pateke (brown teal), toutouwai (North Island robin), tieke (North Island saddleback) and popokotea (whitehead) to the islands.

Twelve schools have participated in Kids Restore NZ, and experienced our Floating Classrooms

Give a little and help us build on this incredible foundation.

More about us

Project Island Song is the name given to the restoration of the ancient dawn chorus of the Bay of Islands. Project Island Song is an ecological restoration project of an archipelago of island sanctuaries, known as Ipipiri, in the eastern Bay of Islands. After a number of years in operation and achieving significant goals which includes the eradication of pests from the islands, Project Island Song is now in the position to tackle longer term aims, such as the reintroduction of native species to the islands – literally bringing back the birdsong to the islands, note by note.

Latest donations

Bonnie Wong and Allan
Bonnie Wong and Allan on 23 Dec 2019
Sing tamariki, sing
William Fuller
William Fuller on 30 Sep 2019
From William Fuller
Deb & Dean
Deb & Dean on 14 Mar 2018
Wedding gift to the lovely couple.
Project Island Song

Kia ora, what a fantastic wedding gift!!! We can not see any contact details, so we were not sure if you wanted to let them know who it was from? Thanks RIchard

Project Island Song
Shane and Eden Hakaraia
Shane and Eden Hakaraia on 02 Feb 2018
Project Island Song do an amazing job, thank you to all involved.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 24 May 2017

Who's involved?

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