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The New Zealand Sea Lion Trust is a volunteer group based in Dunedin who are dedicated to saving this critically endangered marine mammal.

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New Zealand Sea Lion Trust was formed in 2003 to support on-going research on the small but growing population of New Zealand’s only endemic pinniped seal.

NZ Sea Lions are endangered and a ‘nationally critical’ species, the highest threat category in New Zealand – this is the same classification as the kākāpō. Their main threats are competition for food, accidental drowning in trawl fisheries, disease and human disturbance. Despite being fully protected under the Wildlife Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act, NZ sea lions are sometimes harassed and killed deliberately, with several such incidents in Otago and Southland in recent years.

The return of the species to mainland beaches provides an ideal opportunity to study a re-colonising population and educate the public about this most charismatic of New Zealand species.

The bulk of our work focuses on population monitoring, education, public awareness and assisting management and research of this recolonising population.

Our research and monitoring efforts are therefore focused on the Otago and Catlins Coast at this stage.

More about us

To promote the protection and conservation of the endangered New Zealand Sea Lion through research and public education.


The NZ Sea Lion Trust was formed in 2003 after breeding female NZ Sea Lions returned to the Otago coastline. The NZ Sea Lion Trust and The Department of Conservation (DOC) work closely together to conserve the NZ Sea Lions by monitoring females and pups, running community activities, delivering education programmes and supporting scientific research.


Use of funds

Funds raised will be used to buy essential equipment, such as scanners, for the use of our volunteers in monitoring the movements of the individual sea lions.

Latest donations

Dawn on 27 Feb 2021
I was so upset to see what that terrible company Nash & Ross did to those sea lion pups that this was the only thing I could think to do. (see
New Zealand Sea Lion Trust

Thank you so much Dawn for your fantastic donation. This will certainly help us to look after these beautiful animals and protect them from those who would put them in jeopardy.

New Zealand Sea Lion Trust
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 19 Jan 2021
New Zealand Sea Lion Trust

Hi Kind Guest Thank you very much for the donation, it'll help us keep track of all the pups born this season, of which we have currently found 12. All the best John

New Zealand Sea Lion Trust
Ben on 08 Jan 2021
My girlfriend got upset that I killed a seal in a video game.
New Zealand Sea Lion Trust

Oh well, I guess you got a few points for it. Thanks for the donation.

New Zealand Sea Lion Trust
Matthew on 13 Nov 2020
Thanks for the calendar and shipping all the way to the UK! All the best, Carmen & Matt
Chris on 04 Nov 2020
Thanks Shaun for a fantastic insight into Otago marine and birdlife but particularly your passion "Sealions" We absolutely appreciated this.
New Zealand Sea Lion Trust

Hi Chris and thank you so much for the donation. We are fast approaching the pup season so will be out and about on the beaches looking for mothers and their pups to make sure they are all doing ok. Thanks John Treasurer

New Zealand Sea Lion Trust

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