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Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ needs your support to keep transforming lives by mentoring potential through experiencing Shakespeare.


Kia Ora - Greetings. Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand (SGCNZ) needs your help after a government agency cut our funding. We want to keep transforming lives for New Zealand students from all backgrounds - irrespective of their families' means, and personal situations.

SGCNZ was founded in 1991, and as of October 2022, 140 000+ Kiwis have taken part in our festivals, productions, and associated activities. We are passionate about providing educational and creative opportunities for people of all ages – primary, secondary, tertiary, emerging and professional theatre practitioners, teachers, the corporate sector, and all lovers of Shakespeare. SGCNZ helps lift Shakespeare from the page to performance and other highly imaginative manifestations.

As a ‘cultural United Nations,’ SGCNZ traverses our country's ethnic and socio-economic boundaries, by providing inclusive opportunities for all to realise their potential: through our festivals, flow-on activities, and competitions in costume, graphic art design, and musical composition and lyric writing. Interns from universities around the globe and local volunteers gain invaluable arts administration work experience with us.

SGCNZ encourages people to relish the richness of language (some of the most exciting performances we have had included translations of the Bard's works into Te Reo Māori and Pasifika languages), while also having fun with figures of speech, exploring literature, understanding the human condition, and letting their imaginary forces loose on the stage and behind the scenes. Our students learn and hone a vast array of transferable skills which are applicable to any career: teamwork, leadership, innovation and creativity, time management, self-presentation, confidence and capacity building, the ability to react and interact, close-reading and developing curious and entrepreneurial minds.

We would be grateful for your support, so we can continue to do our important mahi [work]. As a registered charity, CC23945, your donations are tax deductible for New Zealand tax residents and a one-third rebate is available on all donations of NZ$5 and more.

"You great benefactors, sprinkle our society with thankfulness. For your own gifts make yourselves praised." Timon of Athens, Act III, Scene 6. Thank you for your support.

More about us

Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand (SGCNZ) transforms lives by mentoring potential through experiencing Shakespeare. We deliver educational and enjoyable events and experiences for all ages. SGCNZ partners with Shakespeare's Globe in London, and provides valuable learning opportunities for students, teachers, actors, directors and Shakespeare devotees throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

We do this by working inclusively on:

+ Hauora – to build resilience and wellbeing

+ Atawhai – to cultivate empathetic communication

+ Mana – to enhance confidence with gravitas

+ Whānau – to connect people: regionally, nationally, and globally

+ Tautoko – to include and unite people from diverse backgrounds.

+ Pūkenga – to develop life skills

+ Manaaki – to provide opportunities for personal and professional development

+ Mahi hou – to inspire creativity and innovation

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Latest donations

Rowan on 24 Dec 2023
Donating in honour of my friend Sally, who loves Shakespeare and performing.
Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ

Very many thanks Rowan! Thrilled to receive this. Is the Sally's last name Thorburn by any chance? Appreciate your assistance in us being able to continue to present our programmes. Hope you can come to some. Best for 2024 Dawn

Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ
Shayne on 21 Oct 2022
Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ

Many thanks Shayne.

Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ
Stuart on 20 Oct 2022
Keep up the great work, Shakespeares' writings have have laid the platform for cultures all around the world to tell their own stories.
Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ

"I am amazed, and know not what to say." A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act III, Sc. 2. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity Stuart. Rest assured that your contribution will make a huge difference to helping young people achieve their potential through the works of the Bard.

Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ
Angus on 20 Oct 2022
Fantastic program and keep up the amazing work !
Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ

"Things won are done; joy's soul lies in the doing." Troilus and Cressida, Act I, Sc. 2. We are grateful for your kind contribution Angus - thank you so much.

Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ
Hannah on 19 Oct 2022
Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ

Thanks for your support :+)

Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ

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