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Steam Incorporated

  • Ka945 update

      21 March 2022
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    A small team have been making progress with putting Ka945 back together!

    Hamish, our apprentice is working on the tender.

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  • $5,000 Donated

      12 April 2021
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    We are thrilled to have received donations totalling $5,000 towards the purchase of this locomotive. A very big thankyou to everyone who has dug deep to make this happen.

    Since arriving at our depot on 1st April Dc4375 has been given a quick inspection and appears to be in better condition than initially thought. It has been started and has been able to move around our yard under its own power.

    We would like to offer everyone who has donated to the fundraising a guided tour of the loco and also hopefully a stint behind the controls. Please email to arrange a suitable day and time.

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