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St. Oswald's Memorial Church

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    Richard asks

    When we were putting funds towards the beach in Abel Tasman they had a target and we could see how close we were to that. Could you let us know what you need and also let us know how close we are :)

    on 20 Feb 2018

    • St. Oswald's Memorial Church

      St. Oswald's Memorial Church

      Hello Richard,

      Thank you for your question.

      The cost of the repair remains uncertain as the repair strategy is still being priced by contractors. Once the repair is quoted and accepted a target will be posted.

      Kind regards

      The Murrays

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    Ashton asks

    Can you please tell me how much of this you are personally contributing to this. Are you saying that you did not have any insurance at all on this building?

    on 27 May 2017

    • St. Oswald's Memorial Church

      St. Oswald's Memorial Church

      Hello Ashton,

      At this point we are not sure how much we will personally be contributing to the repair of St. Oswald's.

      Hector died of TB in Switzerland and is buried in Switzerland. The church was built as a memorial to Hector.

      Following the Canterbury Earthquakes 2010/2011 stone structures built before 1930 throughout the NZ Anglican Diocese became uninsured for earthquake damage. The church is insured for theft, fire etc, but not for major disasters.

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