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project which involves 40 young youth and their whanau/family in our taupiri community, to help minimise youth offending,and tuancy

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3 months ago we had a plan that we wanted to make reality we funded this project on our own at the start and gained popularity by the waikato times and north waikato news, we are currently fixing up the taupiri mountain walkway track we have done the start of track 1 we have put in new stairs a retaining wall around the bob memorial chair we are now a fully registed youth group with around 40 youth members and alot of community support these kids are really talented and enjoy getting their hands dirty supported by our family we hope to have this project complete by june 2015 and we invite all our sponsors or people concerned to come up and view this is one of our projects we have planned and hope we can do many more projects that benefit our community after this ones complete we are also fundraising for a facility for our youth group so that the kids always have somewhere to come

we have uploaded photos of before and after as we work and progress on our project we are far from finished but need the community and new zealand help so please new zealand

please help and support us with materials/or anything will be much appreciated

More about us

We are a new registed youth group who are taking on projects we are clearing the public walkway track that many overseas travellers climb this track is the the taupiri moutain,we are recontructing the whole walkway puting in new stairs, handrails for the young and old new picnic areas, tables clearing the gorse planting native trees making it more safe for everybody to climb safely this project means alot to us and our youth as it carrys a piece of us and our history. my biggest and formost NO1 is keeping the youth busy out of trouple and doing something positive which will have a positive impact on us this reduces burgarlaries,truancy,and vandalizm also teaches the kids respect and that respect is given when you 1stly respect yourself and others. we are also fundraising for a building , facility for our new youth group ,we also want to get each kid a youth tshirt to represent, who we are and what we beleive in and our big long journey how we got to where we are today

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