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Te Whare Tiaki Wahine Refuge

on 5 Feb 2022

Melissa asks

Hi there!

This is a response to my recent Q re: masks. Is it cool if I send them to you guys? I'm based in Welly and have a few chronic illnesses so I'm bunkering down right now outside of the days my job requires me to be on site. My next day on site is the upcoming Thursday - I am liberating some of my workplace's abundant mask supplies for you guys (we have so many that they won't be missed and I'm keen to send some to people who need em more). So yeah! If it's okay to post them, I can send a bunch next Thursday. If not, I'll figure out another to get em to you, no worries.

Let me know :)

This question has not been answered yet.

on 4 Feb 2022

Melissa asks

Kia ora,

Do you guys need a stash of surgical face masks? I can get hold of a half dozen packs of 10 masks, if that would be helpful.

Let me know!

Te Whare Tiaki Wahine Refuge

Kia ora Melissa

Yes that would be great thank you very much, office open Mon-Fri 9-5pm we close doors at 3pm but remain onsite until 5pm Mihi koe Fiona

08/02/2022 - Kia ora Melissa Davidson,

Thanks for your email. You can post them to;

Te Whare Tiaki Wahine Refuge

P O Box 50178

Porirua 5240

not the physical address as the NZ postie is not consistent where he leaves our mail in this building.

Nga mihi mahana

Fiona Pene


Te Whare Tiaki Wahine Refuge


T: +64 (0)4 237 7027

M: +64 (0)27 243 4969

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Ground Floor


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Te Whare Tiaki Wahine Refuge

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