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Help us fundraise for more teacher aides at Waiheke Primary School. It's what parents want and the kids need!


In community feedback, Waiheke Primary School parents rated more teacher aides as their number one priority. It's completely understandable - Teacher Aides, or Learning Support Assistants (LSAs), are the critical link for many students to reach their potential.

In our LSA fundraising drive last year we raised just over $10,000 and this allowed us to hire Kaye, who has been making a huge difference with a number of students this year. We want to keep this progress going!

The Ministry of Education sees LSAs as 'nice-to-have' and outside their core funding, but for us, they're a 'must-have', especially for children who need the extra support in class. Extra LSAs don't just benefit kids with alternative learning needs or disabilities; it also means that teachers are freed up to help all the other kids in class (including keen learners who need to be extended).

So everyone gets a boost.

At the moment, WPS already provides some LSA's, but we can only afford a very limited number, for children with specific high needs – and often not for the whole time these children need it. This means other children who also need extra help (for example, in reading or maths), but don't fit the 'high needs' bill, are usually not able to access the help they need.

We think every child at WPS should benefit from this support to become happy, thriving learners.

Please support our fundraising for Teacher Aides at our wonderful school, and keep it such an inclusive, nurturing environment for all our kids!

Every $25 donation buys an hour of Learning Support time, while $100 pays for four hours.

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Parents & Co help raise funds to go towards non-curriculum activities and expenditure that kids and parents want but that the school can't pay for.

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