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Western Community Centre

  • Fruit Trees in Homes

      4 November 2023
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    2023 Update!

    The Fruit Trees in Homes project took root back in 2012, and since its inception, 3,362 fruit trees have now been planted in 617 households and 475 fruit trees have found a home in our public spaces.

    More than a decade has passed since the first fruit tree was planted, and it's evident that this project is yielding significant positive impacts.

    Every day, we witness the impact of this initiative, as many of you who have received these fruit trees generously contribute by dropping off surplus produce, allowing us to extend the benefits to even more individuals in our community.

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  • Fruit Trees Planted

      30 September 2016


    1682 Fruit Trees planted in 308 Homes, 422 Fruit Trees planted in Public Spaces. We are well over half way there!

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