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Freedom Flotilla III

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Kia Ora Gaza has chosen to facilitate an independent media team to observe and document the Flotilla mission

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  Nationwide International Disasters Awareness Aid

Israel’s blockade of Gaza is blatantly illegal. It’s slow-motion genocide. It needs to be unconditionally ended.

Flotilla III is a humanitarian mission to deliver vital aid and challenge the naval blockade of Gaza. Israel blocked the Flotilla II vessels from reaching Gaza. Freedom Flotilla mission statement says the flotillas “will continue to sail until the illegal blockade of Gaza is permanently lifted.”

The Kiwi media team has joined this international effort to report on the flotilla's efforts to break Israel's inhumane siege of Gaza.

“Our objective is humanitarian. Our basis lies in international humanitarian law. Our method is non-violent.”

Kia Ora Gaza's involvement (page creator)

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About us

Kia Ora Gaza is a New Zealand network dedicated to breaking the inhuman and illegal Israeli siege of Gaza by delivering humanitarian aid, fostering fraternal relations, enhancing understanding of Palestine and the Middle East, and cooperating with others who have similar aims.

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  • This is a sham donor project

    This is a sham donor project on 26 Jun 2015


    The Israeli maritime blockade is 100% legal and it has been declared as such by The Palmer Report (authored by Sir Geoffrey Palmer, former NZ PM) and by the UN Secretary General this week. Seeking to breach the blockade is both dangerous and itself illegal. Why not just use the land based humanitarian routes from Egypt or Israel that are open and used by other agencies?


  • Chris H

    Chris H on 25 Jun 2015


    Keep up the good work you are champions


  • Bob Hillier

    Bob Hillier on 25 Jun 2015



  • dave j

    dave j on 23 Jun 2015


    Here in NZ Maori TV news has the greatest respect for political discussion out of all media groups. I am glad they are able to represent NZ. I hope that there is non of the increasing right wing govt pressure to "filter" reporting during editorial process. I wish the flotilla III the best weather and media attention possible in this universal struggle against a military dictatorship that is carrying out war crimes against the palestine people.


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 23 Jun 2015



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This page was created on 25 May 2015 and closed on 31 Jul 2015.
$1,654 of $15,000 goal

Pledged by 18 generous supporters in 9 weeks

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