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Project Watertight - a new roof and a new look for Agora

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Help Agora stay dry with a new roof. Your generosity will help Agora continue to 'love its neighbours'.

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'Home' in NZ is a roof over our heads, but 'home' is also the people we love and do life with.

Agora is both.

Agora, more than a roof over our heads ... but yes we need a roof over our heads too.

13B Kent Street, home for Agora, was originally a clothing factory. City Bible Church purchased the property 13 years ago and fully renovated the interior and then painted the exterior. Once complete, Agora Community Trust was established to 'love its neighbours' through hospitality.

Over the past 9 years, Agora (13B Kent Street, Hamilton, New Zealand) has provided over 60 local charities and community groups with a raised profile, space for fundraising and appreciation events and a financial donation through its Charity of the Month '50 cents a cup' program (on average $1500-$1800 a month).

During this time a longterm partnership has been established with Red Cross Refugee Services through which Agora provides funds, space, employment and training, and a free English language night class, for many former refugees.

Agora has long needed a new roof, gutters and spouting, as these are well past their used by date and are now beginning to cause further damage to this place many call 'home'. So it's time for Agora's second major renovation.

Any contribution you make will help make Agora watertight with not only a new roof planned but also a complete repaint with special waterproof product. Some of the current damaged joinery will also be repaired or replaced as funds allow.

Your generosity will help ensure that Agora continues to 'love its neighbours'.

Use of funds:

All funds raised will help make Agora watertight with a new roof, gutters, spouting and a complete exterior paint.

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City Bible Church


City Bible Church and Agora Community Trust, help support other charities and community groups in our city to help the needy. We also partner with Villages in Northern Thailand to bring hope through education, health, clean water and sanitation. Agora's Cafe and Event Centre provide employment for locals, funds to distribute to local community initiatives and space for community groups, businesses and local families to use as their own ... Agora, "a place where community begins".

“Agora cafe is awesome keep it up guys 😎”
“Press on Campbell.”
“Very pleased to support you personally in this event and in the long term investment of your wonderful building and community!”
“Love Agora!”
“Keep inspiring brother”
“Anything that means I don't have to bring my umbrella to use in church.”
  • $8,195.23 donated
  • 72 generous donors

$8,195 donated


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